It's hard to fully appreciate Marlborough College Summer School until you've experienced it for yourself. Here, in their own words, some of our guests share their first-hand experiences, explain what Summer School means to them and hopefully whet your appetite for joining them next time!


"When we first moved to Pewsey, we made enquiries into local activities and came across information about the Summer School. Because I was interested in learning Yoga I booked a course. This was in 1998. My most recent experience, last summer, was a course on Bridge.

Both courses were inspirational and so I have attended various courses over the intervening years! My life has been greatly benefitted as I have learned so many new skills and acquired much more knowledge on various subjects. I have also made a number of friends who, like me, have returned year after year.

I can thoroughly recommend Summer School to anyone who wishes to be part of a friendly learning environment. Why do I keep coming back? You are never too old to learn something new!!”

Marilyn McGee - Wadswick Green, Corsham


"I discovered Summer School while I was looking for ukulele lessons on the internet and the course and other events during the week looked very interesting. When I arrived, it was a completely new experience for me and I loved it. I attended the Michael Palin talk, the 5.15pm lectures and the Thursday quiz. The food was good too!

Summer School has not only helped to fill some of the gaps I missed at school, but it is an excellent experience. My advice to prospective attendees is to get involved, talk to people, come with an open mind, learn and be prepared to have a good time.

As someone travelling alone, you are rarely without company. There's always someone to talk to and, if in doubt, I find asking, "what course are you on” always works to start up a conversation with a complete stranger!

Finally, what does Summer School mean to me? A very happy time.”

Richard Ellison - Little Haywood


"I took my first life drawing class while on holiday with 3 generations of the family at Marlborough College Summer School. I had never drawn from a life model before and was very nervous about every aspect. I quickly discovered that the life drawing community is supportive and encouraging and by the end of the week I was hooked, returning for many courses of concentrated life drawing. Marlborough College also introduced me to printmaking and I now combine it with my life drawing practice.

Moreover, Summer School gave me the opportunity to enjoy time focused on developing my practice while the rest of the family were off exploring their interests. Eventually I enrolled at art school and graduated with a Masters in Fine Art from the University of Sussex. Now I manage and teach at Ochre Print Studio, Guildford, including a class in "dynamic printmaking from the life model.”

 Sarah Cliff - Petersfield

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