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10th July - 6th August 2022

Young People's Courses

Young Adventurers 9 to 12 yrs

Grow your Mindset, Grow your Potential

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This invaluable course will help you to face challenges, handle mistakes, deal with adversity and thrive in an everchanging world. The tutor believes that developing resilience is one of the most effective ways of helping young people thrive at school, home and beyond. When combined with a growth mindset, you can learn to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, embrace new experiences, challenges and persevere in areas that might not normally be your strength. Understanding that intelligence and ability are not predetermined and that mistakes can help you learn, will have a huge impact on the way you approach life in and outside of the classroom. Taking risks, dealing with setbacks and pushing yourself to achieve more are all outcomes that can positively impact your education and attainment.

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