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Course Notes

The week includes fun activities during which the children work together in teams or groups to solve different challenges. They will learn about the power of making mistakes, how 'thinking traps' can often affect feelings and behaviour, and the positive impact 'reframing' a situation can have. The children will explore how the mind works and begin to understand the concept of 'neuroplasticity'. They will also touch upon other concepts within Positive Psychology which allow us to thrive.

Session 1: What does resilience and growth mindset mean?

What's the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset? What mindset do we have?

Session 2: Making mistakes

Mistakes can be marvellous! What's happening in our brains when we learn? (neuroplasticity)

Session 3: Comfort zone

What does it feel like to go outside of our comfort zone? Why is this important? What can we do when we feel anxious? Applying our resilience to our own situations, fears and worries.

Session 4: The power of our thoughts

How do our thoughts, feelings and actions affect each other? What thinking traps do we fall into? How can we relate this to our everyday lives?

Session 5: Emotional Resilience

What about our emotions and responses? What does being emotionally resilient look like with my friends? family? as I grow older?

What can my child expect?

Our courses are fast-paced, high energy and challenging. Your child will be active, engaged and up on their feet. None of the tasks are easy; in fact, we don't mind if the children struggle with the exercises at the first attempt. It is through this process that resilience and strength of character can be built, in a positive and supportive environment.

Our courses are built on three elements:

  • Active learning
  • Ambitious content
  • Serious fun

How should I explain this course to my child?

You will learn all about a growth mindset and how to deal with any type of challenge. Do you ever have negative or unhelpful thoughts? You will find out how to deal with these and how to listen in to much more empowering thoughts instead.

A group of around 10 children will be led by an inspirational Role Model;

  • You can wear comfortable clothes and have a drink nearby in case you need it
  • It will be a fun week of games, talking, watching some videos and thinking together with the group
  • We would love you tell us your ideas and feelings during the activities, so talking is encouraged! But if there's anything you don't want to do, that is fine too!
  • We can't wait to meet you and learn some awesome new skills together!

What type of child is the course designed for?

Our courses are not designed just for children who struggle with resilience; we believe everyone should be developing this important life skill. The online programme is a great opportunity for any child to gain a better understanding of what a growth mindset looks, sounds and feels like and how powerful it can be when applied in different situations. They will learn that we don't have to believe everything we think and that they can choose how to respond and react to the various challenges life inevitably throws at us. The online collaboration and communication with others throughout the programme can help boost general self-confidence and self-awareness. The course is a great way for children to explore being outside of their comfort zone within a fun and supportive environment.

What do I get for the cost of the course?

  • Parent presentation - we invite parents and carers to watch a live 45-minute 'Parent Presentation'. This includes an overview of what your child will learn, together with ideas and strategies for supporting their learning at home.
  • End of day email - these emails summarise what your child covered so you can discuss this with them. They may also include photos of your child taking part if consent has been given
  • Top tips - daily tips from Louise, our Head of Character Education, on how parents and carers can support the development of life skills at home
  • Written report - parents receive a written report from the Role Model working with their child, highlighting their child's strengths and areas for further development, which includes ideas and strategies for supporting their child at home
  • Follow-up videos - three videos from Louise, sent after the course has been completed to remind your child of the key course themes.

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