STEMBOTICS: Robotics and Coding

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Hyett Education's Lego EV3 and Spike Prime robotics & coding workshop gives you a chance to code, design, engineer and build your own robots, in both simple and complex forms. You will use entry-level block coding, progressing to Scratch-style programming blocks as well as Swift and Python coding. You can incorporate a range of motors, touch sensors, colour sensors, ultrasonic sensors and more into your designs to build robots that are capable of taking on a range of challenges. Bespoke challenge floor mats will be available for you to test your coding and problem-solving skills, and most importantly, have fun with your robot.

3 PM
PM course
4 AM
AM course

Course Notes

Day One: Welcome to Lego Robotics!

1. Getting started

• Connecting the robot's "hub” to your iPad

• Coding basics: coding your bot to create emoji animations and words on your hub's LED display

• Troubleshooting and taking care of your Lego kit


2. Space hopper races

• Starting with a basic prototype, can you design and build your own Lego racing hopper to make it move both straight and fast? Can you code it, race it, and defeat the other groups?

Day Two: A-maze-ing robots!

1. Building a bot

• Can you build your own bot with wheels, then decorate it to make it look amazing?

• Can you add additional motors to create spinning attachments or moving pincers?


2. Exploring the mazes

• Code your bot to explore our custom mazes! Can you move safely across the Solar System mats, or explore the city mats to reach a destination?

Day Three: Fun with sensors … and beginning your challenges

1. Lego sensors

• Learn how to use distance and colour sensors to trigger different response in your bots. Can you make your bot stop when it is about to crash, or celebrate when it reaches the centre of a target?

2. Challenge time!

• Select from a range of introductory challenges. Can your bot capture the asteroids littering the space mat? Can it carry boxes of supplies to the flooded village?

Day Four: Challenge Day

1. Robot Challenges

• Design, build, code and test your own solutions to your choice from a selection of robot challenges. Can you rescue the astronauts from outer space? Can you design a rocket carrier to move a rocket to the launchpad?

Day Five: The Invention Dimension


1. Design your own challenge

• With guidance, and example prototypes, can you think of a unique challenge or scenario, and design, build, code and test a machine that meets that challenge?

Students will be provided with all kit and safety equipment required.

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