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During this exciting course you will learn to code the flight patterns of a drone using block programming or Swift coding language, which is also used to develop apps on iPhone and iPad. You will provide algorithmic instructions to your drone to make it take-off, land, do flips and somersaults, as well as navigate different altitudes and distances to make its way safely around a course. You will learn about the principles of flight and will develop an understanding of how physics plays its part in enabling drones and other aircraft to take flight. Finally, you will get to see and feel some of these principles in action while flying your drones.

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Course Notes

Day One: Take Off!

1. Find out all about the Tello EDU mini-drones

How do we connect to them to our iPads?

How do we use them safely?

What do we do if something doesn't work correctly?


2. Coding your first flight

Taking off, landing, and basic flight manoeuvres in the Drone Blocks block-coding interface


3. Your first flight challenges!

Can you code a flight across the room from one landing mat to another?

Can you code a flight to a 'landmark' in the room and take a photo of it?

Can you code your drone to make shapes in the air: triangles, squares!


Day Two: Looping and flips

1. Taking it to the next level: using repetition (loops) in your code

Can you use loops in your Drone Blocks code to fly more complex shapes in the air? (hexagons, octagons, more)

How can we use named functions to make our code easier to understand?

Adding drone flips! Flipping our drones forward, backwards, left and right


2. Strictly Come Drone Dancing

Can you work with another group to create a coordinated dance routine with two drones flying simultaneously?

Day Three: Drone Blocks Challenge Day

1. Choose a challenge, plan a solution

Choose one from a set of challenges based on real-world drone usage! Can you plan, code, test and debug a working solution, using everything you've learned so far? Can you work together to improve your solution?

2. Capturing the moment

Can you create a short movie to share your coding journey, including voice-over, music, photos and screenshots to explain your solution?

Day Four: Let's get Swift!

1. From block-based to text-based: an introduction to drone coding in Swift

Learn how to code the Tello mini-drones using the text-based Swift programming language

Learn some key flight terminology, including gaz, yaw and pitch. Can you link Swift commands together to create complex flight patterns?


2. Swift programming challenges

Select from a range of drone coding challenges: can you achieve them now using Swift?

Day Five: Drone piloting

1. Flying our drones in real time

Learn to fly the Tello drones 'live', remote-controlling them from your iPads!

2. Drone piloting challenges

Select from a range of drone piloting challenges based on real world drone scenarios. Can you fly through a 3D course of hoops? Can you fly through 'Block City' and capture a photo or video of the movie star?

Students will be provided with all kit and safety equipment required.


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