Time Travel Through Art

424 TUTOR: Hannah Gauntlett

Do you want to be an Artist, an Archaeologist, or an Art Historian for the week? This course is a fun filled week experimenting with a wide variety of mixed media techniques. We will look at how art has evolved throughout history from Cave Painting to Kandinsky, from Braque to Banksy. We will go on a journey through time discovering how art has played an important role in society from Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Renaissance civilizations up until today. The children will make individual and large-scale group artworks in class and outdoors!

2 AM
AM course

Course Notes

Day 1: Let's Get Creative - Cave Painting, Prehistory and Primitive People from around the globe.

Using natural pigments, charcoal, and inks you will make your own crazy cave paintings.

While exploring what primitive people used to make paint; you will learn how to make your own paintbrushes from natural materials and mix your favourite colours. We will make a time capsule of drawings and messages for the future using a variety of marks and textures.

Day 2: Walk like an Egyptian

Learn to write your name in hieroglyphics and mummify your teacher! We will also make and decorate a stunning sarcophagus and learn how art was used in Egyptian life and burials. We will also make some blingy Egyptian jewellery!

Day 3: Geeky Greeks and Raucous Romans!

Today we discuss two huge civilizations while painting a Greek plate or vase and making our own mosaics (with paper).

We will understand the role of an archaeologist and explore everyday life in Roman times, we will find out what they did, what they ate, and you can even dress your own Roman soldier. We will learn where we can spot traces of Romans near Marlborough.

Day 4: The day in the life of an archaeologist and an artist!

A special surprise trip takes us on a journey through time in the college grounds. Who can spot evidence of prehistory or raucous Romans on our journey? We will dig for treasure like an archaeologist! Draw trees that have been standing since the Renaissance, play like Pollock and make a large-scale en plein air artwork.

Day 5: From Braque to Banksy, From Kandinsky to Kapoor!

We conclude our week with some contemporary art, we will look at collage, colour, line, texture, and form. How art can be used to create meaningful messages. Today we paint to music and create a colourful final piece to exhibit.

Please bring an old shirt to wear to each lesson so we don't paint your favourite clothes!

Each student is welcome to bring their own pencil case with them and each student will be supplied with:

A pencil

A rubber

A4 sketchpad

ink pen


A great book to start your art and art history journey :

The Art Book for Children - Phaidon(this is not needed for the course, but it is a fun book to look at and get familiar with famous artists throughout history.

Hands-On Archaeology - John R. White (real-life activities for children to help them investigate the past.

Course Tutor

Hannah Gauntlett

About Hannah

Old Marlburian Hannah Gauntlett (1992-97) (Morris House), grew up on a farm near Marlborough College. As a child she attended the Summer School and loved her experience so much that to her parent's surprise achieved a place at the school! She spent most of her free time in the Art school, her academic staff influenced her life hugely. Hannah obtained an Art Foundation Diploma and then a degree in History of Art from the University of East Anglia with an Erasmus scholarship to Pisa University.

Hannah's love for Italy, Art and languages took her back to the country she lives in Padua with her two children (frequent MCSS attendees), Hannah founded STARTLAB in 2016, an arts and language centre, where she teaches English and Art to all ages, she runs projects in schools, in person workshops and an online mentorship programme.

With more than 20 years teaching experience Hannah is a dynamic and enthusiastic teacher. Her own professional art practice allows her to share many experimental art techniques and secrets! She has exhibited widely in solo shows across Europe and Art Fairs worldwide. Her art history knowledge, passion for music and her exposure to teaching English as a foreign language means Art, Art History, Music, and language are key factors in her lessons.

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