Fly Fishing

395,396 TUTOR: Rob Doyle

A country sport for the true individualist, fly fishing is like riding a bicycle. Once you have mastered the basics, you never forget. Casting, strategy and tactics, understanding the wily trout, landing a fish and tying knots are all covered in this fascinating course. Fishing on the Manningford Trout Fishery's lakes, you will become competent at a skilled sport that you can take up again at any stage of your life.

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Course Notes

This course is intended to give a beginner the confidence to be able to go fly fishing on still waters and small rivers by the end of the week. It also aims to extend the skills of more competent anglers.

Aims of the week

To discover the sport of fly fishing

To become confident in fly fishing

To be a safe practitioner

To understand something of the fish's world

To have the opportunity to catch a fish

To have FUN and enjoy your environment

Day One

Tackle Talk - the basics - putting together your rod and reel

Safety Check - how safe is fishing - how safe are you

Casting Clinic - the overhead cast

Waterside techniques - overhead casting on water - the different retrieves

Day Two

Our Quarry - game fish - characteristics - what they eat and where

Tackle Talk - lines and leaders

Casting Clinic - the overhead cast (revisited) - playing and landing a fish

Waterside techniques - the roll cast

Day Three

Tackle Talk - different flies and when to use them

Knots - tying the basics

Casting Clinic - false casting

Waterside Techniques - working the water

Day Four

Tackle Talk - introduction to fly tying

Casting Clinic - who needs help?

Waterside techniques - finding and stalking fish

Day Five

Fishing - help if needed

Fish farming - a visit to the Manningford Trout farm


It is essential that the following are brought to the course for safety reasons:

Sunglasses, ideally polarised

Peaked Cap

Waterproof clothing

Stout boots or Wellingtons

Please ensure you wear trousers, not shorts

NB This course will take place at Manningford Trout Fisheries and will be taken via minibus from the college which takes around 30 minutes.

Course Tutor

Rob Doyle

Rob Doyle

About Rob

Rob started coarse fishing in Surrey on the River Wey and the Wey Navigation canal at the ripe old age of 5, progressing more and more to the Roach and Chub on the river. When Rob moved to Poole 28 years ago he started fly fishing, involved in a local club he carried out maintenance and bailiffing. He joined the Committee and began to help others get into the sport and it became apparent he should learn to instruct in the best way possible. Rob enrolled on a level 2 angling coaching course in 2004, gaining his Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Angling (game), as well as his Game angling instructors certificate (GAIC). In 2010 Rob passed his assessment and was awarded his advanced professional game angling instructors certificate (APGAI) and he has been regularly instructing and coaching since with Fishing 4 Schools, Salmon and Trout Conservation as well as individuals and groups. Rob joined the Summer School programme in 2019.

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