Stencil a Rainforest Animal

639 TUTOR: Lise MacDermott

If you like Pop Art, this is the course for you. Choose an animal and enlarge it onto plastic, reducing the colours to a total of five. Using a Stanley knife, cut out one of your colours and spray paint it. Repeat this process, like assembling a paint jigsaw, and you will achieve a striking iconic representation of one of our valuable rainforest dwellers. Frames are provided.

4 PM
PM course

Course Notes

This stencilling course is designed for people with some experience of art, and an interest in improving their dexterity, as the the course involves cutting out stencils and using spray paint to construct the images. Masks are provided! There will also be the opportunity to cut out individual stencils, and to experiment with some readymade stencils using stippling brushes. This method of layered stencilling will become clear, and be thoroughly explained. Images of rainforest animals will be used, and the final stencil framed.

Day 1: Everybody will get a pre drawn image of a rainforest animal with 5 labelled colours, like painting by numbers, on A3 stencil card. The first job is to cut out the white areas and stick them onto the background, then spray paint colour 2. A separate piece of A3 for the background can be sprayed in any style; graffiti artists will like this bit. Sketchbooks containing photographs of animals are available for all. Use these to practice drawing skills; get the feel for shape, scale and texture of the various animals.

Day 2: Place the stencil onto your image, cut out colour 2 and apply the sticky plastic. Spray colour 3. There are fish stencils for experimental cutting; the shape of scales perhaps, or a design of your own. Also, spray a background for the fish. Continue daily working in the sketchbook using pencils, felt tips or pastels.

Day 3: Place the stencil onto your image and cut out colour 3 and apply the sticky plastic. Spray colour 4. Stipple the fish from Day 2 onto the fish background. Spray a background for the bird stencil, also provided.

Day 4: Place the stencil onto your image and cut out colour 4 and apply the sticky plastic. Spray colour 5. Cut a design into your bird, and choose either acrylic stippling or spray paint to complete this image.

Day 5: The stencil is complete! Cut it out and run around the edges with black marker. Glue it to the background made on Day 1 and mount it in your frame. The aim is to complete the course with the framed piece, at least 2 other stencils and a working sketchbook, to take home and enjoy.

Visual Research

Look at Pop Art, Manga, cartoon, rubber hose imagery, your favourite game.. How do the shapes and colours look? What do you like, and what would you like to include? Think about your backgrounds.


Course Tutor

Lise MacDermott

About Lise

Lise MacDermott is an artist who specialises in fine drawing and stencil art. She has worked and exhibited around the world. She is an art tutor and works as an art specialist part time. She exhibits her work regularly and recently exhibited Tim Tam the orangutan accompanied by children's animal found object sculptures in the Trowbridge Art Trail on biodiversity and climate change.

Also my art group website which shows my students' work is



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