Journalism for Teenagers

470 TUTOR: Tony Padman

If you want to write for your school newspaper or magazine, are thinking of studying journalism at university or considering a career in the media, then this course is for you. You will gain all the skills you need to report, write and edit news and features just like real journalists, along with a range of tips and tricks to get your stories into shape. Practical and fun, you will enjoy finding stories, interviewing people, attending the editor's meeting, writing up your stories to a deadline and seeing how newspapers and magazines are put together.

1 PM
PM course

Course Notes


What is a day in the life of a journalist like? What makes a news story and news values? Who do you quote and what do you ask? How to avoid the mistakes journalists sometimes make?What does the sub-editor do and other important roles? How do you write introductions and structure you story?


How to develop your news report and contacts? How and where to find a news report and who do you speak to?What makes a great story that will appeal to editors and readers? Why do you use the inverted pyramid format for writing news? How do you make contacts? How do you write NIBs?


When to use alternative introductions? How to interview the public for news and maintaining balance with your quotes? How to edit your story to length? How to be selective with quotes? How to write to a deadline? How to use the correct language and grammar for news?


How hard differs from soft news? What is a feature and how can news become a feature? What are the most common types of features? How to write and structure your feature? What is the hook and how do you find it? Feature introductions. How to plan, prepare and research your feature?


How to interview people and get the best from? How the same feature can be written differently? Deciding what goes where in the feature and how to end the feature?What are the different types of features you can write? How and where to find news and features in your school?

Essential Equipment

Bring a pen, notepad and (optional) a magazine or newspaper that you read or would like to write for.

Reading List

Author Title Publisher and date

Piers Morgan The Insider Ebury Press 2005

Jeremy Thompson Breaking News Biteback 2017

Nick Davies Flat Earth News Vintage 2010

Michael Wolff The Man Who Owns the News Vintage 2018

Course Tutor

Tony Padman

About Tony

Tony Padman studied journalism at the University of London and then undertook advanced courses in news and feature writing, media law and interviewing skills. He began his journalism career in 2003 writing for local newspapers, The London Evening Standard and then as a foreign correspondent. He now writes news and features for a broad range of national newspapers and magazines. He took his teaching qualification in 2008 and then returned to the University of London - this time as a sessional journalism lecturer.

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