Stay Alive Survival

441 TUTOR: Ed Plank (Oxenwood Outdoor Educational Centre)

Could you fend for yourself without any home comforts? How would you get on if you were lost or stranded in unknown territory? This course will teach you to get to grips with a few vital survival skills that could keep you alive and get you home in one piece. Learn how to prepare yourself for the unexpected, find water and make it safe, prepare and cook game, build a shelter, make fires for warmth and cooking and live in harmony with nature. You will also learn how to make distress signals for rescue or to navigate your way home.

3 PM
PM course

Course Notes

On this course you will learn:

  • How to improvise shelter
  • How to make and manage fire
  • How to harvest and clean water
  • How to track and catch game and how to prepare meats for cooking.
  • How to navigate using nature
  • How to safely cross rivers
  • How to safely use bush craft tools; axe, knife and saw.
  • Basic improvised field First Aid

What would you do if things went wrong and you found yourself in a survival situation? Would you know how to locate your next meal, cook it, keep warm, or find a dry place to sleep at night? Learn how to deal with an emergency situation using whatever comes to hand, learn how to survive getting lost or stranded in the wilderness with only what you might have in your pockets and thrive when stripped of all the comforts of modern life.

What to Bring:

This course will take place outside, whatever the weather, please bring the following;

  • Old and hardwearing clothing (clothing that you will not mind becoming dirty and smoky)
  • A dry change of clothes to change into (we will be getting in the river)
  • Strong outdoor footwear (no open toed sandals or flip flops please)

The tutor will provide all specialist equipment required on the course.

Please note that this course is held on Marlborough College grounds.

Course Tutor

Ed Plank

Ed Plank

Oxenwood Outdoor Educational Centre

About Ed

Ed Plank is Chief Instructor and Centre Manager of Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre. Ed has been instructing outdoor activities for 16 years and is a keen outdoors man, hiking/trekking, Canoeing and Kayaking, Surfing and Mountain Biking being some of his favourite pastimes. Each year Ed leads a team of instructors to provide the Survival/Bushcraft and Archery courses for the Summer School. 2017 will be Ed's 11th year of instructing at MCSS

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