Henna Art for Beginners

432 TUTOR: Morilie Taiwo

Have you ever been intrigued by the beautiful art of henna? Do you fancy having a go at this intricate art form yourself? Henna Art for Beginners is a fun and interesting course for anyone, even if you feel you are not artistic or creative. The tutor will guide you to create your own art, starting simple and developing into sophisticated shapes and patterns. The course will cover the history and culture of henna, types of bridal henna and henna for different occasions. Using templates, you will create your own designs as well as learning how to mix different mediums with henna and create portraits for display.

2 PM
PM course

Course Notes

Below is the course content:


- What is henna?

- History of henna

- Different types of henna

- Different types of application and equipment

- Health and safety using henna, Patch testing and aftercare

- Practical: Creating your own pencil and various medium designs


- Henna using templates

- Pressure control

- Different henna colours

-  Basic flow

- Basic patterns

- Practical: Creating your own henna patterns using henna 


- Different types of henna design

- Tribal henna, Arabic henna, bridal henna

- Henna for different occasion

- Making up henna; different recipes

- Practical: Applying your own henna designs on the body or paper 


- Study of intricate henna designs

- Studying henna art for wall display

- Practical: Creating your own intricate henna design for wall display or on the skin


- Using various mediums to embellish your henna design

- Applying gold, glitter, gems, etc

- Practical: Creating your own embellished henna design for wall display or on the skin

Course Tutor

Morilie Taiwo

Morilie Taiwo

About Morilie

Morilie Taiwo is the choreographer and lead dancer for the renowned Ministry of Samba. She has danced on various big stages and events and loves teaching her passion for samba to others. She is a qualified dance instructor and brings bags of industry and classroom experience. She believes that everyone can dance, and her warm and encouraging approach brings out the confidence and freedom in any novice, and she delights in helping people unleash the dancer within.

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