10-Minute Shakespeare Compilation

383 TUTOR: Victoria Psalmon

Do you like the idea of playing around with some of Shakespeare's most famous stories, but wish that his plays lasted less than three hours? Then this course is for you! We'll dive into a highly abridged version of three plays: A Midsummer Night's Dream, Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night, working towards a fun-filled and fast-paced performance on the final day.

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Course Notes

This course is for teenagers who enjoy fast-paced drama that gets straight to the point with lots of action, character changes and a sprinkle of merry mayhem. In a nutshell, we'll try out three different plays in their highly abridged version, and then choose ONE to perform on the last day. Below are the answers to some questions you may have.


Do I need to have prior experience of being in a play?

No. Being keen and willing is the criteria, experience is not!


I'm not a native English speaker - can I still participate?

Yes, absolutely! Honestly, Shakespeare can feel like a bit of a foreign language even to native English speakers so you won't be alone asking questions about what words mean. That said, a basic level of English language is recommended - eg: being able to watch a film mostly without subtitles.

Will I have to learn lots of lines?

In these 10-minute versions of the plays, there isn't a single long speech! The second piece of good news is that I'll teach you some memorisation tips and tricks. But ultimately, yes you will have to learn not only your lines but your cues because the fast-paced nature of this type of performance means that you need to know exactly what to say and when to say it.

Will there be auditions?

No. You will try different roles each day, and while I might suggest a particular casting for the final performance, it's quite likely that you'll get to be a character you enjoyed being during the week.

I want to be the star of the show! Is this possible?

In this kind of theatre, the story is what is most important, not the characters. So the focus will be on delivering a cracking performance collaboratively as team, making our own sound effects and using our bodies to help tell the story.

What will we actually be doing?

Here is a rough outline, which may be tweaked depending on the number of students. Note: Each day begins with a physical & vocal warm up as well as team-building exercises. Each day ends with a mini-performance & feedback. You need to bring loose, comfortable clothing and a highlighter.


·Getting to know one another & overview of the week

·A Midsummer Night's Dream

·Working on Physicality and Status


·Romeo and Juliet

·Working on Power dynamics


·Twelfth Night

·Revisiting Physicality, Status and Power Dynamics


·Choosing our favourite 10-min play to perform

·Allocating roles and if necessary, editing script

·Mapping out the key moments

·Line-learning: tips and tricks


·Working on "ensemble” moments for sound effects and atmosphere

·Refine, polish and prepare for the final performance!

Course Tutor

Victoria Psalmon

About Victoria

Victoria is an English Literature & Drama teacher in France. She holds a Royal Shakespeare Company "Teaching Shakespeare” Foundation certificate. She loves teaching Shakespeare's plays to her 11-18 year old students, and her favourite part of her job is putting on the upper-school play!

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