An Introduction to Interior Design

335 TUTOR: Jenny Quinlan (Dip)


Whether you need some inspiration for your home or are considering a career change into the world of interiors, this fun and interactive course will guide you through the fundamentals of interior design. By developing and curating your own ideas, you will write your own brief, develop a concept, sketch furniture layouts and put together a decorative design scheme from an extensive 'samples' library. We'll cover spacial planning, lighting design and furniture sourcing along with an extensive range of other topics, so you can begin crafting spaces that resonate with your vision and lifestyle.


4 PM
PM course

Course Notes

Day 1: Introduction to Interior Design Principles
Overview of the history and evolution of interior design.
Introduction to key design principles such as balance, proportion, harmony, and rhythm.
Exploring different interior design styles and their characteristics.
Interactive exercises to assess personal design preferences and inspirations.

Day 2: Spatial Planning and Building a Concept
Understanding the importance of spatial planning in interior design.
Exploring techniques for analysing and optimising space utilisation.
Hands-on exercises to develop furniture layouts and floor plans.
Introduction to design software and tools for spatial planning and visualisation.
Putting together a concept for the space as a visual representation of the design direction.

Day 3: Lighting Design and Sustainability
Understanding the role of lighting in interior design and its impact on mood and ambiance.
Exploring different types of lighting fixtures, sources, and techniques.
Practical exercises to design lighting schemes for different spaces and functions.
Tips for integrating natural light and enhancing lighting effects through strategic placement.
Sustainability tips, greenwashing and how to create a healthy, holistic interior

Day 4: Furniture Selection and Styling
Overview of furniture styles, materials, and construction techniques.
Exploring principles of furniture arrangement and scale.
Hands-on exercises to select and arrange furniture pieces for various room layouts.
Introduction to sourcing furniture and accessories from different suppliers nd vendors.

Day 5: Decorative Design and Finishing Touches
Introduction to decorative elements such as colour, texture, pattern, and accessories.
Exploring techniques for creating cohesive and visually appealing design schemes.
Hands-on exercises to develop decorative concepts and mood boards.
Guidance on selecting fabrics, finishes, and artwork to enhance the overall design.

Each day includes a mix of lectures, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and group discussions. Access to a curated library of design samples, materials, and resources for
inspiration. Personalised feedback and guidance from the tutor to support individual design projects.
By the end of the course, participants will have gained a solid foundation in interior design principles and techniques. They will leave with the confidence and skills to create stylish, functional, and personalised spaces that reflect their vision and lifestyle. Whether pursuing a career in interior design or simply enhancing their own living environment, this course provides the tools and inspiration to craft spaces that resonate with beauty and functionality.

Note: Laptops, iPads or smart phones are only required for sourcing inspirational images. If participants do not own a device we can use hard copy inspiration of magazines and brochures.

Course Tutor

Jenny Quinlan

Jenny Quinlan


About Jenny


Jenny Quinlan is an award-winning architectural interior designer renowned for her expertise in high-end and sustainable residential design. Trained at the esteemed KLC School of Design in London, she has a rich background working in several prestigious design studios across London and the South West before founding Studio JQ in 2016. In addition to overseeing large-scale projects for private clients, Jenny is deeply engaged in education, delivering inspiring keynotes, hosting workshops, and mentoring new graduates in the field. Beyond design, Jenny is a qualified care farmer, leveraging her smallholding near Devizes to empower children and young people facing challenges, nurturing their confidence, empathy, and skills for a brighter future. Passionate about fostering creativity and making a positive impact, Jenny is dedicated to empowering students to excel in interior design, offering a blend of industry insights, practical skills, and mentorship to support their journey towards success.


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