Latin for Beginners

331 TUTOR: Judy Shutt

This course is designed for absolute beginners, who want an introduction to Latin. False beginners are very welcome but need to be aware that the course is pitched at introductory level. The sessions will be fun and interactive and will provide you with a basic knowledge of the language. The short texts will also give you an insight into life in ancient Rome. Come along & share this beautiful language with us. Venite!

4 AM
AM course

Course Notes

You will build up a knowledge of the language via games, worksheets & translation of short texts in pairs or small groups. There will be some grammar explanations as well. You will need a notebook and pens. A small Latin dictionary could be useful but is not essential.


Day 1:

·Getting to know the group

·Learn how to exchange basic personal details in Latin, e.g. your name

·Count from 1 - 20

·Introduction to the verb "to be”

Day 2:

·Texts about family life

·Introduction to pronunciation

Day 3:

·Rooms in a house

·Learn the different parts of a noun, e.g. villa

·Amo, amas, amat

Day 4:

·In the forum

·Life in the workplace

·Learn how to give the date in Latin

Day 5:

·In basilica

·Volunteers will have the opportunity to bring the language to life, by reading out a dialogue in Latin, set in the law court.


Course Tutor

Judy Shutt

About Judy

Judy has been teaching adults since 1990 & has an MA in Professional Studies (General Education) from Bath Spa University. She has taught Latin to adults since 2009, including the Cambridge Latin Course books 1 to 5 & beyond. She has also been a lecturer in French at the Open University since 2002 & has taught at their summer schools in Caen, Normandy. Her hobbies include cricket, football & ballet. She watches the first two & participates in the third!

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