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14th July - 10th August 2019

Young People's Courses

Junior Troopers 3 to 6 yrs

Junior Troopers

This innovative course, designed for children aged three to six years old, introduces a programme of 'fun through achievement'. The activities are adaptable to different ages, skills and levels of development. Six year olds may, as in previous years, opt for the Children's Activities course instead, if parents feel that they are able to keep up with the pace. The Troopers will be safely situated in their own area with ample space and facilities for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Learning Through Fun and Play

The course includes treasure hunts, swimming, party games and parachute play, as well as quieter moments for story time, practical puzzles and creative arts and crafts. A recent addition to the course is more focussed, outdoor activities such as den building and a nature trail. Five and six year olds may also have the opportunity to do a spot of canoeing. Whatever their level, the children will be encouraged through a sense of achievement and self-fulfilment.

Our Commitment to Care

Staffed by an expert and qualified team, the children are cared for in a fun and secure atmosphere with a ratio of five to six children to each tutor. Children may attend this course during mornings only, afternoons only or as a full day. There will be a quiet period of rest after lunch for those attending the full day course. Lunch is included for full day children only.

Although there is no special evening programme for Junior Troopers, they are welcome to attend the Children's Activities 5pm show, if accompanied by a parent. Please note that we do not accept children who are still wearing nappies.

The Junior Troopers programme is committed to supporting care and learning in accordance with the current Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.

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