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We would be pleased to read your comments and feedback on the Summer School. The questionnaire is in two simple stages - course feedback and general feedback about your Summer School experience.

First, let us know which week(s) you attended by ticking the boxes below, entering the course numbers you took and then clicking the "Next Step" button. You can then give feedback on each of your courses. This feedback will be passed on - anonymously - to the tutor. Once completed, click the "Next Step" to be taken to the general feedback screen. One last click of the "Finish" button and that's it!

We would encourage each member of your party to submit a questionnaire, but if that's not possible please feel free to submit comments on their behalf - particularly for childrens' courses.

Which week(s) did you attend?
Which course(s) did you take? Please enter the number for each course with either a space or a comma between each. If you are submitting comments on others' behalf, then please fill in their course numbers too.

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