It might not be possible to enjoy overseas travel this summer, but that doesn't mean you can't broaden your horizons, embrace the exotic and discover new cultures while on staycation. In fact, after a week at Marlborough College Summer School, you might decide never to bother with airport queues, delayed flights and lost baggage ever again!
At Marlborough College, we have been providing inspiring lifelong learning experiences from the heart of the Wiltshire countryside since 1974. Our enduringly popular Summer School is set to return from 11 July to 7 August 2021 with an amazing array of courses, especially for lovers of world culture. All courses run from Monday to Friday and are typically five half days, giving you a wonderful opportunity to take a transcontinental journey from morning to afternoon. 
With a view to satisfying even the most ardent global explorer, here's a round-up of some of our top courses to cure your wanderlust.  


Out of Africa

Dreaming of an African adventure? Two exciting new courses in the programme this year include learning how to Make African Beadwork Jewellery and the equally vibrant, African Drumming. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of the West African Mandinka tribe, which are easy to learn yet uplifting and full of energy.

Tales of Exploration

For those interested in colder climes and the history of discovery, Tragedy and Triumph: The Story of Polar Exploration is a captivating course. From the search for the North-West Passage to the discovery of the North and South Poles and the heroic age of Antarctic exploration, you will encounter remarkable sagas of endurance and ingenuity against hardships and threats. 

Love Languages

Whether you brush up on your Italian and French or even make your first steps into Spanish or Conversational Arabic, you can converse your way around the world at Summer School.

Travel by Taste

If embracing the local cuisine is your favourite part of travelling, why not learn to recreate some new dishes at home? In addition to Thai and Indian, the 2021 programme features Family Teppanyaki and Beyond, which showcases this most sociable Japanese cooking experience. Meanwhile, Recipes and Stories from Lebanon highlights the power food has to hold people and communities together and, in true Lebanese style, concludes with celebratory dancing.

Dance the World

While we're on the subject of dancing, dust off those shoes and discover The World of Flamenco or transport yourself to the colourful streets of Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the carnival dance of Samba.

Body and Mind

If discovering new ways to improve your health and wellbeing are top on your list, Summer School offers insightful courses in Taoist Yoga: Stretching the Chinese Way, Ayurveda, the traditional medicine of India or even a unique journey into an ancient culture in Aztec Health and Ceremony.

Flying Fantastic

Finally, if you really can't resist taking to the sky, why not enjoy Wiltshire from the Air or realise your dream of piloting an aircraft in Learn to Fly.

You can rest assured that Marlborough College will operate in line with any Government guidelines in place at the time of Summer School to ensure the wellbeing of all guests and colleagues. Additionally, if Covid-19 means that your plans have to change between now and summer you can request a refund at any time up to and including 30 June 2021 without losing your deposit.


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