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Halloween is nearly here, so why not get into the spirit by signing up to one of our frightfully good courses? All treats, no tricks guaranteed! What's more, before All Hallows' Day (1 November 2020), you can save 5% on your courses and accommodation for Summer School 2021 when you pay in full at the time of your initial booking. So, hold onto your broomsticks, here's a taste of what you and your family have in store…

Our first course, State of Emergency (606) explores real-world peril and how government ministers respond in a crisis. You will form a Cabinet to work through a different scenario each day, including terrorist attacks, flooding and a major international incident.

Have you ever wondered what happens Inside the Mind of a Murderer (619, 620)? From psychopaths to serial killers, offender profiling to the psychology of aggression, this course looks at all aspects of criminal behaviour. You will examine famous cases from a totally different angle and even get the opportunity to write an offender profile on Jack the Ripper.

Chilled to the core yet? Social Media for the Terrified (263) is for anyone fearful or baffled by social media and the fast pace of the digital world. It is designed to dispel myths and anxieties and will offer easy steps into unfamiliar waters. Whether you want to engage with friends or family overseas, write a blog, develop a business idea or campaign to make the world a better place, understanding how social media works can change your life. 

For many of us, the thought of getting fit is also pretty scary! Become Fit For Life: A Nutritional Perspective (304) will help you create a personalised food plan that suits your lifestyle and is easy to maintain. Plus, you will learn how to make yourself immune to fad diets, transform your mindset and create lasting healthy habits - something we are all bound to need after gorging on all those Halloween treats.

Find Your Voice (226) is for the vocally terrified. It promises to provide an opportunity to find out the truth about your voice, learn some of the skills involved in singing and lay to rest some of the ghosts from your past. Above all, you will have fun using your voice in a reassuring setting.

In addition to our adult programme, we also have a terrific range of courses for young people. Little monsters aged 9 to 12 years will love Glorious Gothic Calligraphy (615) and mastering the art of penmanship - perfect for bringing their scary stories alive on the page. 

Gruesome Grub and Gory Stories (531) is a fun Horrible History inspired course packed with revolting recipes from throughout the ages and ghostly tales from the Spitalfields Roman Burial to The Resurrection Men and the Necropolis Railway. Not to mention how to hunt a witch and what to do when you've caught them!  

Meanwhile, terrible teens aged 13 to 17 years can immerse themselves in a hands-on forensic investigation when they join Crime Scene Detectives (621, 622). As well as discovering how to take and dust for fingerprints, photofits and footprints, they will acquire special detective lock picking skills and knowledge of blood spatters and ballistics. 

Finally, those that bravely enter the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons (617), should prepare to become a demon at critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork. Skills that will serve them well through the spooky season and beyond!

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