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12th July - 8th August 2020

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Sing, bake and garden your way to happiness

Don't let the January blues bring you down. At Marlborough College Summer School we have some great course ideas to get you smiling.

Here is our pick of seven courses guaranteed to raise your spirits.


1. Samba Drumming with Sacha Johnson

Spend a week learning to play the music of Brazil. Your tutor will guide you through the various instruments, their history as well as why, when and how Samba became the world's happiest music. The course will end with an impromptu performance. Absolutely no previous musical experience or training is required. Simply turn up and enjoy.


2. Meditation Workshop with Alison Davis

Learn how to relax and re-energise to make your life more about you. Each session will be based around the topics of self-healing, happiness, the power of now, life loves you and aligning yourself. You will learn about meditation and peace, your auras and your chakras. You will also explore and invigorate yourself through chakra dancing, laughter yoga and meditative movement.


3. Colour in the Garden with Letta Jones

Heading outside is always a great way to boost your mood, but do you wish your garden was more colourful and interesting in the winter months? Are you interested in discovering the beauty of textured bark, colourful stems, bright evergreen foliage and fragrance? This course will show you how, with careful planning, your garden can be more cheerful all year round.


4. Swim and Gym with Martin Shaw

Are you struggling to stick with your fitness regime? This course promises a fun and varied week that will guarantee an improvement in your personal fitness. The course combines learning to swim with gym and strengthening work. The emphasis will be on performance improvement, skill development and tips to help your self-motivation for a future-proofed attitude towards personal fitness.


5. Artisan Bread Making with Dylan Chambers

Nothing is more comforting than the delicious smell of freshly baked bread. This course provides an overview of the skills, techniques and equipment required to work with dough, as well as an understanding of the process of fermentation and the qualities of different ingredients. Bakes will include flatbreads and pizza, French and Italian style breads, sourdoughs and natural leaven breads.


6. Singing for Pleasure with Adam Staines

This popular course guarantees the feel-good factor as you get to spend a week with like-minded souls, singing arrangements of pieces from the big shows, sacred music, world vocal and popular music. Designed for both beginners and experienced choral singers, it is an ideal introduction to choral singing through music you know and love.


7. Writing Comedy and Sitcom with Marc Blake

As Charles Dickens wrote, "There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good-humour. If you have always wanted to make others laugh, this comedy-writing course for beginners is perfect. You will develop skills in joke structure and writing, stand-up, sketches, situation comedy and comedy drama. You will also develop a rough draft of your own sitcom or sketch show idea to share in class. 

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