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8th July - 4th August 2018

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Saddle up this Summer School

After the success of Horse Riding last year, 2018 sees Summer School once again offering a range of adult and young people's courses suitable for all levels of experience in association with Rein and Shine Equestrian Centre.

Rein and Shine at Buryhill Farm is set in the rolling countryside of North Wiltshire in Braydon just over 30 minutes from Marlborough. Opened in 2013, this British Horse Society Highly Commended Centre is owned by Johanna McDonald and her husband John.

Johanna has had a lifetime with horses and has spent much time working with very challenging breeds and re-training ex-racehorses. A BHS-qualified riding teacher, she still competes and trains her own horses, as well as teaching equestrian studies to children with special educational needs.

Here in her own words, Johanna explains why you should choose horse riding this Summer School.



"Horses are beautiful and powerful - finding and improving a partnership or bond with a horse is mentally cathartic as well as a physical challenge.

Children are grouped by ability and we work very hard to progress each rider as well as have fun. There is hands-on horse time each day as well as riding. This engaging week hopefully ends in the ribbons with riding games and sometimes some cross poles!

For adults we have groups for those who are newer to riding, and for those who want to improve. For those who are experienced and regular riders our Fantastic Dressage week is the next step up allowing riders to enjoy flatwork with a dressage focus - utilising our British Dressage Coach.”



"We care about customer service, and this drives us to support every rider in their own journey… from beginners upwards and also from the moment they walk through the doors.

We have a clean, smart yard with great facilities, classrooms and shop where hot and cold drinks and snacks can be purchased, and even the toilets are of a good standard too! We want our riders experience to be as comfortable as possible.

Above all, we pride ourselves on keeping the horses and ponies beautifully presented and well cared for.”


Johanna McDonald    Web: | Twitter: @RSEquestrian



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