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New Year, Same Old?

Despite your best intentions, have your New Year Resolutions already fallen by the wayside?

January is usually championed as a time for change and new beginnings, and therefore the perfect opportunity to improve your life. However, while vaccinations herald brighter days ahead, it's hard to feel we've left the dark days of 2020 behind us just yet.

Life is tough enough right now, so resist the urge to strive for an entirely 'new you' and avoid those unrealistic, self-critical resolutions that often leave you feeling more disheartened than enriched. Instead, turn to Summer School for inspiration and focus on some kinder, more positive ways to nourish body and mind in 2021 and beyond. After all, learning new skills is one of the 5 steps to mental wellbeing recommended by the NHS. 

Learning a new skill or hobby can help you to unwind and switch off from the everyday. Furthermore, the sense of achievement from learning something new is a great boost to your self-esteem and can help you feel able to get the most out of life, even if that is somewhat restricted right now.

What's more, if you decide to go ahead and book a course at Marlborough College this summer, that's your Resolution for the year in the bag!


Top Mood Boosting Courses for 2021

Doing something creative such as painting and drawing, sewing, baking or playing a musical instrument can be a great way to alleviate stress.

Try this…Course 223. Guitar for Beginners

Been meaning to learn how to play the guitar? Well, now is your chance. In a fun and supportive atmosphere, Guitar for Beginners will introduce you to the basics of guitar playing, including chords and strumming patterns.


Take time to check in with your thoughts and feelings. Practising yoga, qigong or mindfulness and writing down your experiences can all help.

Try this…Course 137. How to Write Poems That Matter

Through inspiring examples and exciting exercises, this course will give you a taste of the best and most uplifting contemporary poetry and help you develop your own writing voice that speaks from the heart and soul.


Exercise has proven to have a positive impact on the body and mind. Whether you walk, cycle, run, swim or dance, it is a great way to deal with negative thoughts and feelings.

Try this…Course 242Samba Dance

Unleash your inner samba dancer and wear a smile throughout this course. With uplifting and energetic music, you will lose yourself in the rhythms of Latin America and boost your fitness.


Having a tidy, well-organised living space can also improve relaxation, focus, sleep and productivity, all increasingly essential as we spend more time at home.

Try this…Course 361. Declutter for Good with the KonMari Method™

Learn about the links between clutter and wellbeing and discover how simplifying and reorganising your possessions can have life-changing ramifications.


Fresh air and nature are an excellent antidote to the stresses of life. Many people find that outdoor activities such as gardening, walking and wildlife watching uplift the spirits.

Try this…Course 104-107. Wiltshire Walks

As you explore the stunning and diverse countryside around Marlborough, this course will enable you to meet new friends, improve your fitness by walking five miles each day and learn about the varied wildlife of Wiltshire.


Giving your time to help others can improve your own sense of wellbeing and happiness.

Try this…Course 362. Counselling Skills: An Introduction to Helping Yourself and Others

In just five mornings, learn how to provide the time and space to explore and understand problems, and work to resolve or come to terms with the difficulties life is posing.


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