Unsurprisingly, a lockdown in winter has meant that many of us have piled on a few extra COVID-Kilos as we've spent more time inactive at home and sought solace in food, baking, snacking... not to mention the Zoom drinks and wine o'clock! However, with summer around the corner hopefully making comfort foods less tempting and exercise more appealing, now is a great time to commit to a healthier, happier you.

There are many reasons why physical activity is good for your body - having a healthy heart and improving your joints and bones are just two, but did you know that physical activity is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing? [1]

The Mental Health Foundation believes we need to change the way we view physical activity in the UK in order not to see it as something we 'have to do', 'should do' or 'ought to do' for our health, but as something that we do because we personally value its positive benefits to our wellbeing.

Physical activity has been shown to have a positive influence on our self-esteem and self-worth. This relationship has been found in children, adolescents, young adults, adults and older people, and across both males and females. [2]

One of the great things about physical activity is that there are endless possibilities and at Marlborough College Summer School we have an activity to suit almost everyone. What's more, you will receive the support of an expert tutor, but also the added benefits of exercising and connecting with your fellow course participants.

Here's just a few examples of the many physical activities on offer this summer…

… For Young Adventurers (9-12 years)

  • Multi-Sport - Not sure of your favourite sport? This course has something for everyone featuring many activities from Basketball to Tennis and Kwik Cricket to Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Cricket for Beginners - Grow new skills, have loads of fun and embark on your cricketing journey.
  • Martial Arts for All - This action-packed course covers technique, anti-bullying and self-defence principles and guarantees the skills to break boards by the end of the week.
  • Dance Fusion - A high-energy week of different dance styles, including street, contemporary and commercial jazz.
  • Football - Try new skills and techniques, improve your attacking and defensive play, not to mention enjoy an afternoon on a football golf course!

 … For Teenagers (13-17 years)

  • Guided Cross-Country Mountain Biking - Build confidence and skills, while enjoying some fantastic forest and Ridgeway trails.
  • Golf: Beginners and Improvers - Budding young golfers will have a fun and informative week of learning all aspects of the game under the expert guidance of the PGA professional at Ogbourne Downs Golf Club. 
  • Fencing for Beginners - Develop all-round fitness, flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance and mental agility while trying your hand at one of the first modern Olympic sports.
  • Pro-Ballers Basketball Camp - A rewarding week of basketball skills, teamwork, game play and fun competitions for all levels of player.
  • Tennis - Players of all abilities will have a lot of fun while improving their game both technically and tactically.

 … For Adults

  • Swim and Gym - A fun and varied week that guarantees an improvement in personal fitness.
  • Getting into Nordic Walking - Discover the joy of this low impact, full-body outdoor workout that is gentle on the joints.
  • Fit Camp - Enjoy a variety of fitness classes as well as technique and training advice to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Pilates: Resist and Reform - Whether you are a complete beginner or a pilates devotee, you will come away from this course full of challenging and stimulating ways to enhance your pilates practice. 
  • Welcome to the World of Latin - Rumba, Cha Cha, Jive and Samba… you won't even notice you're exercising as you experience the exciting, vibrant music and dance of Central and South America.


Still not convinced? Enrolling on a course is a great excuse to treat yourself to a new pair of trainers or some stylish sportswear. Not sure where to start shopping? Karl and his team at Crosby & Lawrence, our conveniently located sports shop on Marlborough High Street are on hand to offer traditional service and extensive knowledge. Crosby & Lawrence is open 9am to 5pm every Monday to Saturday, including throughout Summer School.




[1]Paluska, S.A. & Schwnek, T.L. (2000). Physical Activity and Mental Health: Current Concepts.Sports Med, 29 (3),167-180.

[2]Lindwall, M. & Aşçı, F.H. (2014). Physical Activity and Self-Esteem. In: A. Clow & S. Edmunds (eds.).Physical activity and mental health.Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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