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8th July - 4th August 2018

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Meet Sam from Children's Activities

Ably assisting Orla with Children's Activities and keeping our 6 to 9 year olds royally entertained again this year is popular pastoral leader, Sam Dawson. 

Looks familiar? You may recognise Sam from the front of the 2018 Summer School brochure! 



MCSS: Sam, this is not your first Marlborough College Summer School is it?

No, this will be my third year at MCSS.


MCSS: What is the highlight of Marlborough College Summer School for you?

The highlight of Marlborough College Summer School, for me, is when we show the parents everything that we've been doing with the children at the end of the week. That or the disco. I do love a good boogie!

MCSS: You are going to be helping to run our Children's Activities programme. What can our young people aged 6 to 9 years look forward to?

This year the children can look forward to all the classic, fun activities, along with a couple of new ideas which we think are going to be loved by all. Lots of fun outdoor activities along with some interesting arts and crafts thrown in for the kids to get their teeth into! Watch this space…

MCSS: Let us into your secret! Over the 4 weeks of Summer School, how do you manageto keep nearly 300 children entertained?

I guess my secret is that I can remember what I was like when I was their age and what kept me entertained. Ultimately a child of 7 wants to be doing something fun and interesting (don't we all?), so as long as I find whatever we're doing fun, it probably is for the children; usually when the kids are having fun, I am as well!

MCSS: Tell us a bit about you and your background.

I went to school at Dauntsey's, Marlborough College's local rivals who I played hockey against many times, (we never did very well). I also play the piano, violin and sang in the school choir, although my voice is a little rusty these days. I am currently studying a 3-year Medical Science degree at Exeter University, which is interesting but difficult!

MCSS: What are you up to currently and where can we find you for the other 48 Summer School free weeks of the year?

In the Summer, I will have just finished my final year at Exeter. So, this year I have mainly been tackling assignments, spending long nights in the library and generally being a hard-working, model student. Honest…

MCSS: How do you like to spend your spare time?

Well I fancy myself to be a bit of a bedroom DJ, so most of the time when I'm not working you'll find me chilling out somewhere, listening to new bits of music and trying to get ideas. I'm currently in a bit of a funk phase.

MCSS: How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Entertainer, dancer, responsible (well, I try to be anyway!).


See our Children's Activities pages to find out more and book your child a place at Summer School 2018.


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