Don't let the January blues bring you down. At Marlborough College Summer School, we have some great course ideas to get you smiling in 2022.

Here is our pick of seven brand new courses that are guaranteed to raise your spirits.

1.Colourful Contemporary Calligraphy with Sunita Auger

Creative activities have been scientifically proven to make you happy, as have learning new skills and hobbies. On this course you will learn or improve beautiful letterforms and quickly bring them alive with colour. You can then choose to create projects ranging from artistic envelope addressing and greetings cards, to quotations and bookmarks, concertina books and calligraphic mandala.


2.Drawing Animals with Graphite Pencil with Jonathan Newey

Our pets are a great source of comfort, joy and motivation. On this course you will learn how to draw both domestic and wild animal portraits using the easy and versatile medium of graphite lead pencil on paper. No previous drawing experience is necessary as the tutor will be demonstrating and guiding you through each exercise in a relaxed and friendly manner.


3.Walking for Wellbeing with Ashley Sandy

Walking is  known as fantastic exercise, but it is also amazing for improving mental wellbeing through movement, mindfulness and immersion in green space and nature. On this course, your tutor will introduce you to skills that will enable you to de-stress and unwind using walking, yoga and tai chi moves. Each day will include a walk where you will take time to notice and appreciate your surroundings. 


4.De-Stress with Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation with Maura Barber-Oosterhuis

This course is an exploration of your body's natural wisdom and a way of listening to what is required for you to live your life with ease, space and joy. You will learn how to develop an attitude and lifestyle that allows you to have enough recovery capacity to absorb daily demands with grace. Discover how gentle yoga, mindfulness and meditation can help you find that much-needed resting place to return to routinely.


5.Go Gospel! with Jo Sercombe

This course guarantees the feel-good factor as you explore the uplifting sounds and rhythms of this inspiring genre from its early spiritual roots right up to the present day with all the swaying and clapping into the bargain! Suitable for all levels of singing experience. If you've always wanted to be in a gospel choir, here's your chance.


 6.Vintage Dancing: 1920s to 1950s with Emma Trickett

Combining physical exercise, great music and the company of others, a dance class is the ultimate mood booster. On this course you will have fun learning the cheeky Charleston from the 1920s, experience the elegant dancing of the 1930s, the swinging Lindy Hop from the 1940s and the classic jive of the 1950s. Complete beginners, couples and solo dancers of any age are all welcome. 


7.Eating Sicily with Ros Belford

Finally, in need of some holiday sunshine? This edible journey through Sicily will immerse you in this fascinating island and acquaint you with the land, history, culture, mythology and people of Sicily through its food. Sample key ingredients and learn how to add a distinctive Sicilian twist to your cooking every day.

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