Saving this Precious and Fragile Planet from Ourselves

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When did we homo sapiens start to have a marked effect on our world?

We consider mankind's activities and our impacts on the planet at key stages in our history:

Pleistocene between 50,000 and 10,000 years ago - when man discovered fire, began to slash and burn forest and woodland and developed efficient mass hunting of big mammals.

Development of farming - approx 11,000 years ago and the effect this had on the natural environment.

Collision of the Old and New Worlds - from 1492, when rich Europeans discovered the South Americas and this led to the "Colombian Exchange”.

Industrial Revolution @ 1760 - 1880, and its significant worldwide impacts.

The Great Acceleration - the period after WW2, when human populations and their impacts exploded.

We then look at the Anthropocene - the current geological era in which mankind's activities are potentially having a devastating effect on the planet. We end the course investigating what can be done, and what is being done to restore balance to our precious and fragile planet's environment and wildlife.

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