Sustainability in Daily Life

257 TUTOR: Vera Spender Koubkova (MBA MSc PIEMA)

Sustainability has become a mainstream topic. Cities and countries are announcing petrol and diesel car bans, new business models are being tested by the likes of IKEA and M&S to make our economy circular and Paris is becoming the capital of sustainable finance. You will learn what sustainability means and how it affects our everyday lives. This course is interactive and includes lots of discussions and idea sharing. You will look at the latest technology trends, try recipes, learn how to use your smartphone better and even talk about fake news. No prior knowledge is expected. Prepare to be surprised!

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Course Notes

We all know the headlines:

"Fruits and Vegetables Are Less Nutritious Because of Soil Depletion”.

"900 Species Go Extinct Every Year”.

"There Will Be More Plastic in The Oceans Than Fish”.

"Space Mining Vital as Technology Advances Outpace the Earth's Supply of Raw Materials”.

The world seemed to have gone crazy. Do we all have to become eco-warriors to make our future sustainable? The short answer is No - but what is the long answer?

People usually think that sustainability is either environmentalism or philanthropy. It's all about regulation, i.e. boring, or all about activism, i.e. controversial. It's for dreamers. Or kids. Or people who enjoy the Glastonbury mud.

In reality, sustainability is none of these things. Sustainability is adventurous, it's fun, it makes us more "human”. It is a good business; sustainable practices are expected to bring over £20bn a year to the UK economy alone. Sustainability is also one of the fastest developing theoretical disciplines.

This course will provide you with solid knowledge of the fundamentals. We will cover a different topic every day. Each lesson is interactive, you will get the opportunity to check your intuition in short quizzes, read interesting case studies, discuss your views and learn how to use new tools and technology. You will need a pen and paper to take notes and if you have one, please also bring your smartphone.

No prior knowledge is expected.

What did others say about the course?

"This was a very thought provoking course and I have learned a great deal. Vera is clearly an expert in her field and extremely knowledgeable about a huge range of topics. She kept the course interesting by a mixture of presentations, videos, discussion, quizzes and tastings. Well recommended.” Janina M.

"Vera is an excellent and inspiring lecturer on the subject of sustainability. Her range of knowledge on this huge and current topic is impressive and she was able to answer all of our questions, however 'curved ball' , with thought and intelligence. She is very thorough and follows up the lectures with slides and comments." - Clare F.

"Many thanks for an excellent course which opened all our eyes to the crucial importance of sustainability. I am sure that I am not alone in thinking that your recent teaching at the Marlborough summer school was inspirational.” - Hilary L.

Course Tutor

Vera Spender Koubkova

Vera Spender Koubkova


About Vera

Vera worked in Financial Services as a Project and Change Manager for almost 15 years. She started to be interested in sustainability after the 2008 financial crisis which eventually led her to undertake a Master's degree in the subject. Since 2010, she has been working with a range of business schools in London, teaching professionals of all ages. She is the Head of Sustainability at the London Institute of Banking and Finance and a member of IEMA. Vera loves traveling, scuba diving and photography. In 2008, Vera set up a children's charity Kipepeo Foundation sponsoring educational and sport facilities for destitute children in Kenya which she runs together with her husband. Vera's husband is an Old Marlburian.

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