Guitar for Beginners

223 TUTOR: Brooks Williams

Been meaning to learn how to play the guitar? Well, now is your chance. In a fun and supportive atmosphere, Guitar for Beginners will introduce you to the basics of guitar playing. You will learn chords and strumming patterns through familiar songs, inspiring you to become a lifelong learner and active guitarist. No previous experience is necessary. You will only need a playable guitar and a plectrum. So, dust off that guitar that Aunty Gwen gave you ages ago, get your guitar mojo and let's play!

Course Notes

Aims of course:

To introduce the learner to the following:

  1. Chords: Em, A, D, E, C & G;
  2. Strumming rhythms: the shuffle rhythm and "boom-chick”;
  3. Reading: chord charts and guitar tab;
  4. Playing (& singing!) songs with a group of fellow learners.

No previous experience with either guitar or music is necessary to participate in this workshop.


· Getting Started: Hands On Strings

· Making chords and basic strumming

· 1st Chord: E minor

· Song: A Horse With No Name

· New Chords: A, E


· New Chord: D

· Songs: Hound Dog, Sloop John B

· Shuffle rhythm strumming


· Reading Tab

· Tab Song: Ode To Joy

· New chord: G

· Song: Sloop John B


· Song: I Walk The Line

· "boom chick” rhythm strumming


· Putting It All Together

· Song: Hey Jude

Please Note: All songs subject to change.

Course Tutor

Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams

About Brooks

Brooks Williams is a professional musician with twenty-five years' experience on the road and in the recording studio. A native of Statesboro, Georgia (USA) and now living in Cambridge (UK), Williams was named one of the Top 100 Acoustic Guitarists and has played major festivals and clubs throughout the world. Brooks Williams is a well-respected teacher whose guitar workshops are highly regarded. Recent workshops include Guitar Retreats in the UK, La Grande Gennerie in France, and The Swannanoa Gathering in the USA. In addition, Williams is a visiting lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, where he tutors guitarists in the popular music program. In 2012 Williams was awarded an Arts Award by the South Cambridgeshire District Council for his teaching. Williams also has two guitar instructional DVDs, Blues For Beginners and Guitar Groove. Both are praised for their accessibility as well as his "easy and engaging presence on screen." "There aren't many people who can play guitar like Brooks Williams, and fewer still who can teach like he can." (Acoustic)For more information, please visit:

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