The Story of the Celtic Harp

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Course Notes

The following agenda is flexible and includes time for questions and discussion


- Welcome and Introduction to course

- An overview of the relevance of Britain's Celtic history and the bards of Ireland and Wales in particular… and the role it played in the royal palaces.

- Recital with Janet entitled 'From Court to Kitchen: 400 years of harping from the Irish perspective'.



- How the harp came to represent the 'Irish' quarter of Great Britain and the evolution of the imagery (e.g. in the Royal Standard).

- The history of the harp in Scotland, myths and how the harp came to Wales. Introduction to the music manuscripts of Robert Ap Hew with some great recordings.



- All about the music - how it evolved and what makes it distinct

- The composer Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) - his life and times, and his secret to success

- A recital of the music of O'Carolan



- The Romantic Era - from the Melodies of Thomas Moore to the music of Morrison - - The evolution of folk music and new opportunities for professional harpers

- The significance of Guinness' harp, the harp of the bible, and the curative stories from myth and legend… 'The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls'….

- Why so mystical? An examination of the harp and the Celtic harps' particular qualities

- A recital of your favourite harp music (by request!)



- The Renaissance of the Celtic Harp from 'The Festival of Britain' in 1951 and Ireland's 'discovery' of tourism - evolving a new audience for the harp

- A recital of newly composed music for the Celtic Harp

- 'Evolving through a Lifetime' - a personal memoir of the presenter who took up the harp at age 12 in 1967 and in the 1990s 'invented' the idea of a 'Harp Orchestra'. Her 'Belfast Harp Orchestra' was, for some time, an exclusive 'good news' story from Northern Ireland during 'The Troubles'. Launched formally in 1992, winning a Grammy Award with 'The Chieftains' in 1993 and promoting cross-community collaboration, boldly celebrating 'both traditions' of Northern Ireland, and negotiating the prejudices and ambiguities of political distinction (is the music of the harp classical or traditional? Irish or British? Protestant or Catholic? Nevertheless, launched many careers for stage performers, composers, music teachers, corporate musicians, palliative harp therapists, an artists' agency and a global Celtic harp revival…

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