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207 TUTOR: Adam Meehan-Staines (Marlborough College MPhil FRSM FRSA)

'I'm tone deaf.' 'My teacher wouldn't let me join the choir.' 'My partner shudders when I try to sing.' 'I'm not a bit musical.' Have you ever said any of these things? Would you love to sing with others at a wedding or in the pub? This course is for the vocally terrified. It will provide an opportunity to find out the truth about your voice, learn some of the skills involved in singing and lay to rest some of the ghosts from your past. Above all, you will have fun using your voice in a reassuring setting.

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Course Notes

Were you one of those children who were not allowed into the school choir, were asked to mime in the school concert or were teased for singing flat? And ever since you have wondered if there was any truth in these comments, or whether you could dare to open your mouth and join in the singing at social occasions.

Learning to sing is a skill, a bit like reading and writing. However, many people see it as a gift, which means they think you've either got it or you haven't.

This course is an opportunity to find out what you can do with your voice. We don't promise to turn you into an opera star! But we hope you will gain enough confidence to find your voice and discover the great joy of singing with others.

During the week we will practise the skills involved in singing, such as:

  • Body awareness, relaxation, posture
  • Breathing
  • Listening skills, aural memory
  • Rhythm and movement
  • Vocalising, warm ups, extending our range
  • Learning simple songs in a variety of styles
  • Learning to enjoy our own voice

 We will work mainly as a group, but individual needs will be addressed where appropriate.

 No preliminary reading is required. Just come with an open mind and comfortable clothing.

Course Tutor

Adam Meehan-Staines

Adam Meehan-Staines

Marlborough College MPhil FRSM FRSA

About Adam


Adam is the Choirmaster and Director of Chapel Music at Marlborough College, where he leads the aspiring and diverse programme of choral music; he teaches academic music to Oxbridge level, plays the organ for Chapel, and is an examiner for Edexcel. In addition to weekly services at Marlborough College, Adam has conducted services at St Pauls Cathedral, Leeds Cathedral, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, The Queen's College, Oxford, and has conducted in concerts at the Royal Academy of Music, and the Royal Overseas League.

Born in Bury St Edmunds, he later held a Choral Scholarship at St Edmundsbury Cathedral and began to learn the organ under David Humphreys, later holding a Choral Scholarship at Leeds Cathedral. He graduated from the University of Leeds with an Honours Degree in Music, the University of Buckingham with a Postgraduate Certificate of Education, and the University of Bristol with a master's degree in Composition. As well as recording various choral works on the Brilliant Classics label, Adam has sung on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, as a soloist for the Headingley Academy of Operatic Research, and in the Berlin Philharmonie under Simon Halsey.

Adam is also a published composer whose work is available exclusively through Universal Edition; he regularly receives commissions for his work, and his work has been performed at places including Westminster Cathedral, St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, and Chichester Cathedral, as well as sung by choirs such as Schola Cantorum and Dodecantus. He also studies conducting with Toby Purser, Head of Conducting at the Royal College of Music. Adam has recently been welcomed as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and has been awarded a Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music as a Choral Conductor.


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