Oil Painting: An Introduction

84 TUTOR: Paul Minter (BA Hons PGCE)

Painting in oils is not as difficult or as complicated as it may seem, yet you are unlikely to discover many of the basic techniques by accident. On this course, the tutor will teach you everything that he wishes he was shown 30 years ago. He will show you how the Old Masters painted and how they achieved their effects. Step by step, the tutor will demonstrate a range of techniques to enable you to make and take home three or four ambitious finished oil paintings. He will cover landscape, still life and portrait painting. This course is suitable for complete novices at oil painting although you should have had some limited experience painting and drawing. If you wish that you had more formal training this course is ideal. All materials and equipment will be provided.


4 Full Day
Full day course

Course Notes

This is an updated version of my basic oil painting course that I have been teaching very successfully for many years. It is suitable for painters who use water colour or acrylics and want to try oils. In the past I have called it "Oil Painting made Easy” but that might suggest that it requires little effort, which is not true.

Oil painting is in many respects not as difficult as it might seem. It has a reputation for being messy, smelly, and taking ages to dry. None of this is true if you are taught some basic techniques and use the right materials. The point is that you need to be taught good practise, because you are very unlikely to discover these things by accident. You need to be shown how to avoid mixing all the colours into a muddy mess.

Until the mid 20th century, art students were taught their craft by copying the works of great artists of the past. I believe that this is an excellent way to learn what to do and we will paint, a landscape, a portrait, a still-life and a sunset. I will demonstrate each painting and we will use several tried and trusted methods. You will be amazed at how much progress you can make and what you are capable of doing.

Day one. Paint a sun set with glowing light

Day two. Paint a Norfolk landscape after Harlod Peto

Day three. Paint an "old master” still-life after Chardin

Day four. Paint a portrait. Don't be scared…I am not asking you to capture a likeness from life. This is just paint something that looks like a human being.

Day five. Paint a still life after Mary Feddon . A more modern way of painting.

Once you have learned some basics on this course you will be able to apply these new techniques to your own work at home. You can take your painting in whatever direction you like, confident that you have methods that you can utilise to create better paintings.

This course is NOT suitable for painters who have worked with me before, as it will repeat a lot of the basics and some of the same images. Unless of course you have forgotten it all and want a reminder.

All of the materials and equipment will be provided but a couple of old jam jars with their lids would be helpful.

Please bring an apron or wear old clothes as oil paint does tend to get on things, especially sleeves. Bring a re-fillable water bottle, it is often hot in the studio, and you will need to keep hydrated. I discourage the use of cups, glasses, etc because the temptation to dip one's brushes into them is too great.


Course Tutor

Paul Minter


About Paul


Paul returns to Marlborough this year. He is a very experienced teacher and tutor who has taught for institutions as diverse as the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts, Helsinki University and until recently was Head of Art at Pinewood school.

He is an associate tutor with the Norfolk Painting School and writes articles on oil painting for Leisure Painter magazine.

His classes are always popular, entertaining, packed with art history, highly instructive and practical.


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