Storytelling for Education and Wellbeing

645 TUTOR: Josie Felce

Storytelling improves public speaking with the wit and humour of our ancestors, helping us to understand the present. Beyond seemingly impossible situations of suffering lie adventures into success and well-being. Teachers can find stories to improve difficult pupils and classes. Counsellors and life coaches can lift their client's personal stories with those of positive transformation. Stories touch peoples' hearts. They can creep under closed doors, flow into prisons, hide under beds at night to come into the dreamer's sleep, be taken away in restaurants and chip shops, to bring a smile to a furrowed brow. This course will teach you how to retell a story with credibility, depth and power through voice development, movement, memory exercises and more.

3 AM
AM course

Course Notes

The course will cover voice development, movement, memory exercises and give sources for traditional and folk tales. Each day will begin with movement, simple voice exercises and songs, memory games and more. Throughout the week traditional stories will be used by the participants to practice their retelling.

Learn how to take a story to its bones, to flesh it out in your own words, for your own purpose.Know where to source stories that you want to use. Practice embodying a story to give it credibility, depth and power. Tap into your own creative intuition by trusting the flow of the tale. Experience the difference between reading and telling a story. Listen to the group's personal stories turned into fairy tales.

Each student's needs will be listened to, so they can be directed to the stories they wish to use.If time, students will be encouraged to create their own imaginative stories. The course will try to meet the aims of each participant.

Reading List

Reading some or any of these titles will introduce the student to storytelling, together with a favourite storybook.

Felce,J. Storytelling for Life, Floris 2012

Gersie,A. Earthtales: Storytelling in Times of Change, Green Print 1992

Grimms Fairy Tales: Routledge in paperback, or any other collection.

Lancelyn Green, Roger, King Arthur and his Knights, Tales of Greek Heroes, Tales of Ancient Egypt, etc

Mayo, Margaret, Orchard Book of Magical Tales, Orchard Books 1994

Mellon, Nancy, Storytelling and the Art of the Imagination, Element Books 1993

Perrow,Susan, Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviour, Hawthorn Press 2008

Smith, Chris,147 Traditional Stories for Primary School Children, Hawthorn Press 2014

Sierra,Judy, Quests and Spells, BKMA 1994

Thomas,T. and Killick,S. Telling Tales: Storytelling as Emotional Literacy, E-Publishing 2007


Course Tutor

Josie Felce

Josie Felce

About Josie


Josie Felce has been telling stories in education and in the community for two decades. She first heard the ancient stories of 'The Mabinogion' in Wales, and made some of them into puppet shows which toured the Castles and schools of Gwynedd. Storytelling experienced a renaissance in the 1990's. After working in Africa and Asia, she was able to bring her experiences into storytelling for multicultural education in schools, mostly in the South West of UK. Her experiences inspired her to write a book, "Storytelling for Life", a soulful introduction to the many facets of storytelling. She also has experience of Steiner Education, and is known as a gifted and sensitive teacher.

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