Poetry Appreciation: A National Poetry Day Anthology

135 TUTOR: Julia Pritchard

On this course, you will be delving into Tell Me the Truth About Life, the official collection to celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day in 2019. One of the strengths of this anthology is that there is something for everybody, whether you are experienced or new to poetry. Selected by a wide range of famous and unknown people and curated by Cerys Matthews, the poems demonstrate an excellent mix of classic and contemporary verse. Poems often have multiple interpretations and mean different things to different people. The tutor aims to create a relaxed atmosphere in which you will feel free to offer your own suggestions. She will use DVDs, CDs and the internet to illustrate the poems and their poets. Please bring a copy of the book with you.

2 AM
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Course Notes

Please bring a copy of the book with you.

It is "Tell me the truth about Life”, A National Poetry Day collection published by Michael O'Mara Books limited ISBN no978-1-78929-099-8 RRP : £12.99 Available for less online

If you have a problem sourcing a copy, please get in touch with me via the Summer school office.

As you can see from the publisher's 'blurb' (below*) this is an exciting new anthology which will provide us with a lot of interesting and entertaining poems.

We will read the poems and discuss interpretations of them with added information from me about the historical context and the poets' lives. The number of poems we read and discuss will depend very much on the make- up and inclinations of the group. Sometimes a poem can be read and enjoyed with a brief murmur of pleasure whilst at other times much longer is required to tease out the layers of meaning.

We will see some of the poets read their work for us, courtesy of DVDs and the Internet, and I will share some poetry websites with those of you who are happy to use the internet.

I aim to run a course which is both informative and enjoyable and in which we can share our ideas and opinions - without forgetting that this is a holiday and not a PhD!

I look forward to meeting you in July.

Course Tutor

Julia Pritchard

About Julia

Julia first came to Summer School in 2001 on a family holiday, having just gained a First Class degree, and has returned ever since as a tutor. Having discovered the delights of teaching adults after years of eleven to fourteen year olds, she now teaches Poetry for the WEA in Leicester.

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