The Best Words in the Best Order

122 TUTOR: Fleur Lloyd

A different creative class which will give you the chance to write poetry, and drama as well as prose although none of these forms will be rigidly demanded. What makes the course unique is that the ideas and stimuli provided will be an eclectic mix. Whether a complete beginner or someone who has done many courses, or written before, you will enjoy the challenge. All you need is something to write with and on.

2 PM
PM course

Course Notes

The title is taken from Samuel Taylor Coleridge and is just one of many definitions of Poetry. For prose, it is more simply, the best words.

Poetry is a very precise but often misunderstood art form. Prose on the other hand is looked upon as something anyone can do, and dare I say it can be applied to blogs, tweets and texts. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been writing all your life, this course aims to help you enjoy writing both poetry and prose which in turn requires some knowledge and understanding of techniques and traditions, poetic, dramatic and narrative styles, Consequently, we will be reading and analysing many well-known and more obscure examples of great poems and extracts from plays and novels in order to recognize form and take inspiration from the masters. Whilst you will be encouraged to find your own voice it is important that we understand and attempt to emulate the distinctive features of poetic and prosaic craft. We will work in different forms such as haikus, odes, sonnets, limericks and free verse, short stories, autobiographical snippets, experimenting and assimilating techniques, such as rhythm, rhyme, imagery metaphor and onomatopoeia, characterisation and description.

You will develop skills in drafting and editing and will enjoy presenting and sharing your work whilst contributing and responding to constructive suggestions achieving a varied portfolio at the end of the week.

All you need is an open mind, a desire to write and your preferred tool for writing. Pen and paper are just as good as a laptop or tablet.

NB MCSS will provide you with a booklet of pieces to inspire, but you are welcome to bring along any piece of writing or poetry of your own choice.


Course Tutor

Fleur Lloyd

About Fleur


Fleur Lloyd Tutor has worked in the theatre as well as teaching both literature, drama and creative writing in schools, colleges and universities. She has taught creative writing and Literature courses at Marlborough Summer School for 17 years and in 2022, she gave a lecture on Desert Island Poems and her book "Just Write” was published. Last year her lecture was on Poetry for all Seasons.




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