Homer's Odyssey: More than Men, Monsters, Witches and Gods

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Course Notes

Students will receive a copy of the poem and some hand-outs and plot synopses. It is not expected that anyone has read the whole poem-or even parts of it-in advance. We'll read selected passages aloud together, in keeping with the expectation that the poem would be recited, not read silently, and I'll do my best to fill in the gaps. What follows is a basic (and hopefully intriguing) outline of our time together, subject to adjustment in real-time.

Day 1: Introduction: The World of Odysseus and the Odyssey

Books 1-4: A Fatherless boy, an unravelled world and the search for a missing story


Day 2: Books 5-8: We find the hero but he must find himself

Books 9-10: Telling his own tales - Adventures in Wonderland


Day 3: Books 11-13: To Death and back and finally home alone but where and what is home?

Books 14-16 A Kingly swineherd and lying tales truer than truth


Day 4: Books 17-18: The beggar at the palace gate - Nobody for sure this time

Books 19-20: Wooing your wife, dreams and questions, recognition deflected; plans made


Day 5: Books 21-14: Becoming Odysseus: The Contest of the Bow, the secret of the Marriage Bed, a day of human and divine reckoning, reweaving the fabric of Ithaca


Last thoughts: Why was Homer such a bad novelist? A problematic ending? No ending? The odysseys continue.


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