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113 TUTOR: Fleur Lloyd

See what fun you can have with a new absorbing and inexpensive hobby as well as discovering the rewards and value of creative writing. It requires nothing more than pencil and paper or laptop/ tablet if preferred. Ideas and stimuli will be provided, and you will do the rest. We shall explore genre, including short stories, play writing scenarios, spine chillers and fact into fiction, whilst developing plot and character. At the end of the week you will have produced a portfolio to share with family and friends - and perhaps even get published. It has happened.

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Course Notes

This is a beginner's course for anyone who fancies writing but has been daunted either by the slog or the certain knowledge that publication is almost impossible. The aim of this course is to equip you with the tools for writing in any genre or medium, but most importantly writing for pleasure so that it is no longer a chore.

Just as if you were on a painting course, you would not expect to become an accredited artist within a week, so do not enroll on this course thinking it is a sure way of getting published. Over the years, teaching writing, I have seen four students go on to publish a novel, two to be accepted on creative writing courses at universities, one who writes for radio and many who have published articles in magazines and won short story competitions. But there are no guarantees and I consider it a success that one gentleman's feedback was having done the course, he writes letters to his grandchildren who, "really look forward to them as they are so full of good stuff”.

The emphasis will be on having fun. The only caveat is that during the week you will have to write. It is not a creative talking course although there will be ample opportunity to discuss ideas, swap anecdotes and air fears and frustrations as well as take and give constructive criticism on your own work and that of the rest of the group. After each task is completed, we share what has been written as it is the best and instant way of knowing if your writing is worthwhile and - if not - how to improve upon it. Reading out any of your pieces is never compulsory although people seldom opt out.

I will not give away the themes or starting points as students enjoy the surprise and challenge but over the five days, we will cover many styles and formats, from short stories, autobiographical snippets and journalistic writing to drama and possibly poetry. At the end of the five days you will have produced a portfolio with which to continue your writing if you so choose, or simply to show to family and friends. You will certainly be a more acute analyst and critic of prose and drama generally,

There is no need to prepare anything. Of course, the more reading you do - airport fiction or chick lit is just as good as Shakespeare or Chekov and, dare I say it, even watching drama on television - will all help to inform your own writing; especially adaptations of the classics. I do advise however, that you think about certain books or authors that have had an impact on you and try to work out, Why? This is a standard question that I ask. You may also consider a story whose ending you found unsatisfactory.

All you need to bring with you is an open mind and a blank sheet of paper or tool for whichever is your preferred method of writing. Laptop or tablet, pen and paper, are all acceptable. I look forward to welcoming you.

Course Tutor

Fleur Lloyd

About Fleur


Fleur Lloyd Tutor has worked in the theatre as well as teaching both literature, drama and creative writing in schools, colleges and universities. She has taught creative writing and Literature courses at Marlborough Summer School for 17 years and in 2022, she gave a lecture on Desert Island Poems and her book "Just Write” was published. Last year her lecture was on Poetry for all Seasons.




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