Recipes and Stories from Lebanon

352,353 TUTOR: Wafaa Powell (Dancing Flavours)

On this course, you will take part in preparing authentic Lebanese recipes using a variety of herbs and spices combined with local ingredients. At the end of each session, you will enjoy the freshness and goodness of what you have prepared. The recipes will be spiced with stories about Lebanon in general and its food culture in particular. You will discover the power that food has to hold people and communities together. On the last day of the course, to complete the experience, you will celebrate the way the Lebanese do: with dancing.

Course Notes

Here is a layout to the week's activities.

1. Introduction: Lebanon position in the world and its influence on the food culture. Prepare and taste what Lebanese eat for breakfast.

2. Food keeps families and country bound together. Prepare and taste salads, dressings and herbs.

3. Meat: what we eat and what we do not. We certainly prepare our vegetables differently: fried, stuffed, and roasted.

4. Back to basics: Pulses form a staple ingredient in the Lebanese kitchen. Let us make two recipes with lentils and chickpeas.

5. Food as a token of hospitality and abundance. Experience visiting a Lebanese home. You will be impressed and overwhelmed.

6. Celebrate the way Lebanese people do. Now that your belly is full, let's wobble it. Food and fun go hand in hand.

Course Tutor

Wafaa Powell

Wafaa Powell

Dancing Flavours

About Wafaa

I was born in Lebanon and lived there till the age of 35. I trained as a Primary class teacher and taught for 14 years. In the meantime I got a Master Degree in sociology.

On a holiday in South Africa, I met my English husband, got married and lived there 4 years.

We moved to the UK in 2000. I started running my dance classes as I trained to become a counseller. Then I added cooking Lebanese food only to discover that as the best way of integrating in my new home by sharing the joys of food and dance.

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