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10th July - 6th August 2022

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Walking for Wellbeing

330 TUTOR: Ashley Sandy (NWUK Delivery Partner, L2 Fitness Instructor)

Walking is well known as fantastic exercise, but it is also amazing for improving mental wellbeing through movement, mindfulness and immersion in green space and nature. On this course, your tutor will introduce you to skills that will enable you to de-stress and unwind using walking, yoga and tai chi moves. Each day will include a walk where you will take time to notice and appreciate your surroundings. You will also complete exercises along the way that will help with flexibility, balance, strength, improve your general fitness and increase joint mobility. Equipment such as Nordic walking poles, Smoveys and resistance bands will be utilised to work on those skills. This course is suitable for anyone with a reasonable level of health and fitness. However, you should be able to walk for around three miles at a reasonable pace and get up and down off the ground with relative ease.

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