The English Village: Walks Through a Dozen Wiltshire Villages

122 TUTOR: Adrian Woodford (BA (Hons) MA)

By the 8th century, the village had become the principal settlement type in southern England. Hilltop forts, hamlets, isolated farms and Great Halls were slowly abandoned. The great Roman towns and cities struggled to reclaim their dominant position in the geography of southern England. Instead, the village, surrounded by open fields and equipped with a blacksmith, an inn, a so-called 'Big House' and a church with its ever-expanding vicarage, came to define the pattern of life in much of lowland Britain. Five walks will explore a handful of Wiltshire's villages. Each walk will be between three and four miles.

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Even after plague, war, agricultural depression and the move to towns and cities after the Industrial Revolution, the village has continued to occupy a revered place in the imagined topography of England.

Over five days, we will explore on foot a range of Wiltshire villages.

1. The Ogbournes

2. Winterbourne Monkton, Berwick Basset, Winterbourne Basset

3. The Chutes

4. Chirton, Marden and Wilsford

5. Alton Priors and Alton Barnes

Each walk will be between 2.5 and 4 miles. Students should be equipped with waterproof clothing, and be able to cross stiles unaided. However, the terrain should be generally easy-going.


Course Tutor

Adrian Woodford

BA (Hons) MA

About Adrian

Adrian Woodford has worked as a guide from the mountains of Nepal to the streets of Venice. He has written walking guides to France and Italy, and run a series of walking weeks at the Marlborough Summer School.

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