Between the Wars

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Course Notes

Session 1

In the immediate post war period, we see a return to realism and beauty, a reaction against the brutality of warfare? In this first session we shall explore the work of the Scottish Colourists, Laura Knight and the watercolours of C R Mackintosh among others

Session 2

Neo-Romanticism was a key movement in the Inter-War years. Many painters looked to re-establish the romantic landscape tradition in a new and modern way. Nash, Piper, Sutherland and Rivalrous focused on the landscape they updated this genre and infused it with a new expressive passion. We shall also see how these artists engaged with industry to create a more commercial artistic style for illustration and advertising.

Session 3 and Session 4

An interesting aspect from this period is how many painters worked in their own unique styles. For the third and fourth sessions we will focus on some of the great individuals. Artists included in these two sessions include Stanley Spencer, Christopher Wood, Henry Lamb, Edward Burra and William Roberts and others

Session 5

Commercial art played an important part in the work of many artists in this period. Printmaking, advertising, industrial design and illustration will be covered in the first part of our last session. To conclude our week, we will examine the rise of abstraction in British painting. A new wave of emigres came to Britain escaping the rise of Fascism in Europe, bringing with them more artistic developments.

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