The World of the Pharaohs

173 TUTOR: Aidan Dodson (University of Bristol BA MPhil PhD)

What we refer to as ancient Egypt endured over some three thousand years of history, beginning around 3000 BC. During this time, the country's principles of language, religion, art and kingship - presided over by its god-kings, the pharaohs - remained seemingly unchanged. We will explore the key elements of this culture and its history, and also how modern archaeologists and historian resurrected it from nearly two millennia of obscurity.

3 PM
PM course

Course Notes


Session 1: The land and its context

Session 2: When did things happen?


Session 3: Language and literature

Session 4: Three thousand years of history (1)


Session 5: Three thousand years of history (2)

Session 6: Rediscovering ancient Egypt


Session 7: Ancient Egyptian art

Session 8: The world of the gods



Session 9: The ancient Egyptian world of the dead (1)

Session 10: The ancient Egyptian world of the dead (2)


Suggested Reading:

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Course Tutor

Aidan Dodson

University of Bristol BA MPhil PhD

About Aidan


Professor Aidan Dodson has taught at the University of Bristol since 1996, and is honorary full Professor of Egyptology; he was also Simpson Professor of Egyptology at the American University in Cairo for the spring semester of 2013, and Chair of Trustees of the Egypt Exploration Society from 2011 to 2016. He studied at Durham, Liverpool and Cambridge Universities, being awarded his PhD in 1995 and has published over 25 books and 400 articles and reviews. His latest book is The Nubian Pharaohs of Egypt: their lives and afterlives (American University in Cairo Press, 2023).


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