Plantagenet England: The Age of Chivalry

169 TUTOR: Mark Cottle

From the career of William Marshal in the late 12th century until just after the reign of Edward III and the career of his famous son the Black Prince in the late 14th century, the Age of Chivalry spans a notable period of English history. It sees the development of the knight and chivalry and the emergence of Parliament and Gothic cathedrals. It is a period particularly rich in art and architecture, including rare and beautiful survivors such as The Winchester Bible and illuminated manuscripts, the Wilton Diptych and the angel hammer-beam roof of Westminster Hall, Beaumaris and Edward I's great castles in Wales. This course will look at these great achievements of the period, some of the leading figures involved and try to capture something of the spirit of the age.

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Course Notes

The Plantagenet dynasty spanned eight generations of English kings from 1154 to 1399. It produced some of England's greatest kings and some of its less able rulers. The period witnessed great turbulence and change including great cultural achievements in architecture, music, literature and art. The aim of this course is to look at the members of this dynasty in turn, their achievements and failures and to look at something of the cultural 'spirit of the age.'

Day 1

- Introduction: The Anglo-Norman King of England

- Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine

- English Romanesque art

Day 2

- Richard I, John and the career of William Marshal "a very perfect gentle knight”

Day 3

- Henry III, Simon de Montfort and the civil war

- Edward I: Arthur and imperial Kingship

- English Gothic cathedrals

Day 4

- Edward II: failure of Kingship

- Edward III: Chivalry and the Hundred Years War

Day 5

- The reign of Richard II: Peasants Revolt, heresy

- Richard II and the Wilton Diptych

Course Tutor

Mark Cottle

Mark Cottle

About Mark

Mark Cottle was born on the Isles of Scilly, went to school at Truro, Cornwall and studied at Birmingham University, graduating with an MA in medieval history and literature. He has spent his career in teaching, lecturing and training at home and abroad. He currently runs two small companies, Exploring History, which offers lectures and courses in mainly medieval and Tudor history and Romarc Training & Development which designs and delivers corporate training.

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