From Easter Monday to Good Friday: Ireland 1916 to 1998

157 TUTOR: Peter Street

This course considers the history of the whole of Ireland between the Easter Rising and the conclusion of the 'Troubles'. Aspects featured include the Rising and its aftermath, the Anglo-Irish War, the subsequent establishment of two distinct political entities in 1920/1922 and the Irish Civil War (1922-1923). Thereafter, the often-separate history of both territories is explored: how their governments' policies promoted different identities and responses to the Depression, Second World War and constitutional relationships with Britain. The background to/nature of the Troubles (1969-1998) feature alongside various British/Irish/other political and cross-community peace initiatives culminating in the Good Friday Agreement in 1998.

2 AM
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Course Notes

Day One

Setting the scene: Anglo-Irish relations, 1798-1916

The Easter Rising and its aftermath, 1916-1919

Day Two

The Anglo-Irish War and the making of the two Irelands, 1919-1922

Northern Ireland, 1920-1945

Day Three

Irish Free State/Eire, 1922-1949

The Irish Republic, 1949-1969

Day Four

Northern Ireland 1945-1969

The Troubles (1), 1969-1983

Day Five

The Troubles (2), 1969-1983

The Troubles and the making of the Good Friday Agreement, 1984-1998


It is not necessary to be familiar with the subject but should you wish to read ahead/afterwards, you might find (the relevant chapters/sections of) one or more of the following helpful:


D Ferriter The transformation of Ireland [covering the years 1900-2000]

J Gibney A short history of Ireland, 1500-2000

K Theodore Hoppen Ireland since 1800: conflict and conformity (published 2011)

N Hegarty The story of Ireland (2011)

A Jackson Ireland, 1798-1998: war, peace and beyond

D Keogh 20th century Ireland: revolution and state building

TW Moody & FX Martin The course of Irish history (2001)

Course Tutor

Peter Street

About Peter

Peter has contributed to the Marlborough College Summer School since 1992. He is an Oxford University graduate in Modern History, a qualified teacher and has taught history in higher and adult education for over forty years. Most of Peter's teaching was for Birkbeck College (University of London) and the Open University. Peter has also  lectured for NADFAS, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Trust, the Historical Association and history societies generally.

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