Before the Normans Came: The World of Anglo-Saxon England

137 TUTOR: Mark Cottle

Over a period of nearly six centuries, Anglo-Saxon England grew to become one of the richest, best administered and culturally dynamic kingdoms of Western Europe. This course will explore a fascinating period of English history to try to understand how it developed, its achievements and the challenges it faced. With reference to contemporary sources and archaeology, you will follow this development by looking at major themes, such as kingship and kingdoms, conversion to Christianity and the growth of the Church, art and literature. This course aims to give an interesting, thought-provoking and enjoyable journey through a somewhat neglected period of English history. No previous knowledge of the period is required.

1 AM
AM course

Course Notes

All-comers welcome. No previous knowledge of the period is required.

Day 1:

- Introduction and overview

- The sources of the period

- Sutton Hoo and the Staffordshire Hoard

Day 2:

- The Christian Connection : the Roman and Irish missions

- The rise of Northumbria

- The Northumbrian Golden Age

Day 3:

- From Penda of Offa : The dominance of Mercia

- The Viking impact

- From Egbert to Alfred : the emergence of Wessex

Day 4:

- Alfred the Great : 'Saviour of England'

- Edward,Ӕthelflaed and Athelstan : Wessex Kingship over England

- Power and reform : the reign of Edgar of Wessex

Day 5:

- Ӕthelred the Unready : failure of Kingship

- The Danish interlude : King Canute and Queen Emma

- Edward the Confessor and the Battle of Hastings

Course Tutor

Mark Cottle

Mark Cottle

About Mark

Mark Cottle was born on the Isles of Scilly, went to school at Truro, Cornwall and studied at Birmingham University, graduating with an MA in medieval history and literature. He has spent his career in teaching, lecturing and training at home and abroad. He currently runs two small companies, Exploring History, which offers lectures and courses in mainly medieval and Tudor history and Romarc Training & Development which designs and delivers corporate training.

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