Fused Glass Workshop

105 TUTOR: Shirley Eccles

During this Summer school Glass Fusing course, you will be introduced to different glass fusing, slumping and kiln formed techniques. You will have the opportunity to experiment with fusing different coloured glass and including glass accessories such as confetti, frits, rods and stringers as well as working with other alternative materials depending on the project. Familiarising yourself with the different glass tools and how to use them correctly will enable you to cut glass accurately both with a strip cutter and freehand. A brief introduction to the theory of glass fusing will be given and firing schedules and temperatures for each project will be explained as needed.This course is suitable for all abilities both beginners and those who have some experience and wish to expand their glasswork skills.

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Course Notes

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to extend your knowledge and experiment with glass fusing and slumping. Thecourse will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of creating glass objects in a kiln. A variety of design ideas, materials and projects will be covered and you will cover a different technique every day during the week.

Day 1: Harlequin Coasters

We will start by experimenting with a variety of sheet Glass materials and design a lovely set of Harlequin coasters. We will focus on pattern, colour and design and use both Opaque and Translusent colours.

A quick tutorial and demonstration on glass cutting, suitable tools and how to use them will be given. We will look at examples and discuss how glass reacts when fired in a kiln. Guidance on design ideas and use of colour will be covered and we will dicuss how to create a pattern and theme within our set of coasters.


Day 2: Fused and Slumped platter

For our second project we will work on a larger sheet of glass to design our own sheet of Art Glass. A variety of assesory glass like frits, confetti and stringers can be used in your design. We will cover how to set up your glass and the 6mm rule. Your glass sheet will first be fused flat and then go through another firing to slump it into a form leaving you with a 3 D shape and platter. This project will give you the opportunity to create a lovely functional glass piece for your home or as a gift; something you have designed and created yourself!

Day 3: Kiln Carving

On day 3 we will create a wall plaque or platter using a Kiln carving technique. "Kilncarving” is a term to describe a kiln forming process that achieves a bas relief, textured, or sculpted look in glass. The process involves cutting a pattern or design in ceramic fibre paper, then stacking glass on top of the pattern and firing the piece in a kiln. The underside of the glass takes up the ceramic fibre pattern and creates contours and textures within the glass. If you wish your piece can go through a second firing to slump it into a platter.


Day 4: Op-Art Design

Inspired by the art style of the 1960s you will learn how to create optical illusions in your glass. We will create an illusion of movement like swelling or warping within the glass. Different colour combinations and patterns can be considered to create a very unique piece of glass art. Some samples and images will be available to give you an idea of the end result. We will work with special glass and stringers to achieve this effect. The end result is very exciting!


Day 5: Glass Fused Mosaic.

You will design a picture by inlaying small pieces of glass and then grouting it with glass powders to create an intricate and colourful glass 'painting'. Still-life, landscapes or patterns work well with this technique but most images can be adapted to the technique. Bring some pictures or drawings for inspiration. Your glass mosaic will be fused together. You can either create a wall hanging or a shallow slumped platter which will involve a second firing.

Course Tutor

Shirley Eccles

Shirley Eccles

About Shirley

Shirley Eccles holds qualifications in Fine Art and Ceramics & Glass (BA (First Class Hons.) degree in Glass and Ceramics). Her glass art has been selected on many occasions for the British Glass Biennale and she has won scholarships to both Pilchuck in Seattle, USA and North Lands Glass, Lybster Scotland. She is a member of Just Glass and CGS (Contemporary Glass Society). She has given lectures on glass and her work has been included in many exhibitions and publications. Shirley runs glass courses through various adult education programmes.

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