De-Stress with Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation

298 TUTOR: Maura Barber-Oosterhuis

Stress affects everyone. The good news is that you can reverse its effects easily and naturally, reconnect and discover health, wellbeing and calm. This course is an exploration of your body's natural wisdom and a way of listening to what is required for you to live your life with ease, space and joy. You will learn how to develop an attitude and lifestyle that allows you to have enough recovery capacity to absorb daily demands with grace. Discover how gentle yoga, mindfulness and meditation can help you find that much-needed resting place to return to routinely.

Course Notes

Our busy lives often stop us of from feeling and listening to what our bodies are communicating. If a stress symptom arises, it's a message that something needs to be tended to, modified or given priority.

'He who knows others is wise, but he who knows himself is enlighted.' Lao Tzu

Course outline

What is stress?

Recognizing the signs of stress

Trusting 'gut feelings'

Stress and breath

Body and mind

How yoga can help relieve stress

What is mindfulness?

Feeling not thinking

Every day we'll explore and practice different stress-reducing meditations, mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques and yoga poses, always concluding with a long relaxation. Learn how to move your awareness away from the chaos of the mind and back to the present moment. Find out why yoga and meditation go hand in hand and experience how the combination can help you reduce stress and anxiety. Discover how, even in today's fast-paced world, yoga, mindfulness and meditation are effective tools to find stillness, balance, and peace.

Please note:

No yoga experience is necessary for this course but a reasonable level of mobility is required to be able to practice various reclined, seated and standing yoga poses and movements.


Decrease anxiety and stress

Help alleviate insomnia, depression, high blood pressure, skin problems, weight gain

Relieve stress-related headaches and back pain

Stimulate self-realization and peaceful healing

Find calm and inner stillness in a frantic world

Essential equipment

Please make sure you wear something comfortable and bring some extra layers (socks, top, blanket) and a small cushion. If you have your own yoga mat please bring this too but there will be some available to use. You may wish to bring a pen and paper to take notes but don't feel like you have to. If you happen to own a bolster or meditation cushion you are most welcome to bring these with you but these are not essential.

Course Tutor

Maura Barber-Oosterhuis

Maura Barber-Oosterhuis

About Maura

Yoga teacher and One Day Retreat founder Maura Barber-Oosterhuis will take you on an inspiring journey. Maura's love of yoga is infectious. Committed to offering a deeper experience she will encourage you to reach further by breathing fully and feeling deeply. Her 18 years of yoga experience range from the dynamic Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow Yoga to the gentler Yin and Restorative Yoga. With a keen interest in mindfulness and meditation her unique style is infused with these. Always taught from the heart, Maura's gently flowing yoga is a compassionate blend of deep breathing and mindful moving.

Maura is an experienced and qualified yoga teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She teaches regular and private classes, runs workshops and One Day Retreats.

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