Mindfulness for Stress Reduction

290 TUTOR: Rosalind Hoyes

Mindfulness is an approach to life that helps you become aware of your own thoughts and feelings through simple practices, empowering you to deal with stress more effectively. Neuroscientific studies have shown it to reduce cellular ageing as well as improving memory and attention span. While the principles of living a mindful and therefore richer, calmer life are simple, it takes practise and an understanding of the philosophy behind it. On this course, your tutor will provide through group discussion, mindful movement and guided meditation, the tools and techniques needed to incorporate this life-enhancing practice into daily life.

2 PM
PM course

Course Notes

Mindfulness crops up everywhere now, in the press and in many walks of life, but what is it and how can you benefit from it? This short introductory course will introduce you to the philosophy behind Mindfulness and explain why it is becoming increasingly popular for effective stress management and has been endorsed by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Studies have suggested that practicing Mindful meditation regularly can actually reduce cellular ageing as well as improve memory and attention. It will also provide you with tools and techniques to enable you to enhance your experience of life.

Mindfulness is a mind body approach to life that helps people become aware of their own thoughts and feelings through simple practices, empowering you to deal with stress more effectively. It also enables a richer, more rewarding experience of everyday life, simply by cultivating a more acute awareness of the present moment.

We tend to take care of our bodies, by eating healthily and exercising but don't always remember to give the same care and attention to our mental well-being. Neuroscientists have proven through many well-documented studies that developing a more Mindful life-style; that is, cultivating present-moment awareness, have fewer age-related illness and far less instances of depression and anxiety.

On this course, Pilates and Mindfulness teacher, Rosalind Hoyes, will through group discussion, mindful movement and guided meditation provide you with the tools and techniques needed to incorporate this life enhancing practice into daily life.

At various points in the week, there will be mediation where students are invited to lie on the floor or sit on a chair, according to their own preference. The sessions will also include meditation practices, gentle stretching and movement and group dialogue and discussion. Please wear comfortable, stretchy clothing for movement.

Course Tutor

Rosalind Hoyes

About Rosalind

Rosalind Hoyes trained with world renowned Body Controlled Pilates Academy over ten years ago and has been gained continued professional development skills. She has taught in gyms and sports clubs and ran a busy studio for many years in Northamptonshire. Recently she has been studying with Bangor university centre for Mindfulness and has also gained accreditation as an NLP practitioner. She now lives in the Peak District and runs Pilates retreats both at home and abroad as well as teaching group and private clients locally.

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