What to Eat or Not to Eat? That is the Question

284 TUTOR: Cyla Higley (Cert Ed)

This course on kinesiology can help you find the answer. Kinesiology is one way of checking which foods can help you and which foods to avoid. You will learn to use some simple muscle tests to help check dietary sensitivities and deficiencies. You will discover how different foods can affect different muscles, helping to explain some chronic pains. Changing your diet and healing any associated negative emotions can help you improve back problems, skin issues, reduce stress and much more. Once you have learnt the basic principles, you can apply your new skill to all aspects of your life. This could be the start to a completely new way of being.

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Course Notes

This is an introductory course and no previous knowledge is necessary. Some of the procedures can be used for self-development as well as helping your friends and family.

Specific techniques will investigate:

- Basic principles of kinesiology

- Learning to use muscle tests relating to the digestive system

- Relating foods to other issues such as back pain, skin issues and chronic pain.

- Personalised dietary check, including vitamin / mineral status and food sensitivities.

- Easing cellular memory relating to a food sensitivity so that it can be reintroduced into the diet.

- How to reduce cravings with temporal tapping.

- Checking the difference between organic, non-organic, home grown.

- Tasting and testing alternatives to some basic foods

- Identifying heavy metal toxicity, viruses and fungal conditions and ways to correct them.

- How the 'wrong' food can act as a stress to the body and ways of reducing it.

- Using facial acupuncture points and Bach flowers to help desensitise a stressor.

You do not need to bring anything with you although you may wish to bring items you want to test, such as specialised foods and supplements.

Clothing needs to be comfortable, preferably trousers as you may need to lie on the floor.

No particular background reading is required although a basic Touch for Health book would give a general overview.


Course Tutor

Cyla Higley

Cert Ed

About Cyla

When my children were born I wanted to find ways to help them naturally. Therapists were few and far between in those days so I decided to learn. I started with reflexology and homeopathy - at the same time! This was followed by acupuncture and massage, again at the same time. To further the help I could offer I trained in kinesiology, ortho-bionomy, reiki and Indian head massage. 

I qualified in Kinesiology with the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology in 1992. I started my studies into a wide range of therapies over 30 years ago. Many of these are incorporated into my practise and school in order to have a holistic approach to clients at my clinic in Marlborough and to my students.

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