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Pilates can benefit your posture, alignment and general body mechanics. Sitting for long periods of time or repetitive movement, as in various sporting activities, can all lead to muscular imbalance, stress hot spots and ultimately the inevitable discomfort and pain associated with 'overdoing it'. One way to alleviate tension, restore balance and improve body mechanics is to practise Pilates. This course will set you on the pathway to a more efficient and centred physique. Please note that the duration of this course will be one and a half hours each day.

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Course Notes

The initial sessions will consist of an opportunity to discuss individual needs and how they apply to the Pilates ethic. We will then put into practice some of the postural applications and form required for successful execution of Pilates. Plenty of time for questions and discussion so that everyone can feel confident with the basic movements. As the week progresses we will further explore the many ways that Pilates can be of benefit to the individual, utilizing some of the 34 movements of Joseph Pilates. The class will be centred around standing/balance work and, of course, mat work. The progression of the class will reflect the needs and requirements of the individuals involved. Hopefully this will be an opportunity for Pilates beginners to embrace the concepts and put them into practice enabling a future that with practice, can harmonize and re-balance body mechanics.

Please let me know of any condition you may have that could affect your performance so that I can accommodate you accordingly. I will be forwarding a health-form questionnaire for customers to complete before the course begins, to enable me to cater to individual needs.

N.B. Please note that if you have any condition that appreciatively limits your body-mechanics or requires medical supervision, this course may not be for you. Do check with your doctor if you have any uncertainties, or are new to exercise. Please also note that all sessions will run for one and a half hours each day.

Course Tutor

Jo Williams

Jo Williams

About Jo

Jo Williams trained with The Pilates Institute 12 years ago, and has continued her studies with the Institute, and various other training bodies since then. Previous to her Pilates training, she worked as a qualified fitness instructor (since 1988), and has pursued further training also in that field for the past 20 years. Coming originally from a background of Theatre, (having studied Dramatic Arts at E15 Acting School) she is able to ensure that her classes are friendly, informative, and fun, and is fully committed to continuing education in the field of movement. Over the past few years, as well as running classes full time in the Cambridge area, Jo has presented workshops at various Festivals throughout Britain, and has been involved in both personal and group training. This is Jo's fourth year teaching at Marlborough College Summer School.

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