Weight Loss and Psychological Wellbeing

276 TUTOR: Margo George (Dip)

Achieve a greater personal understanding of the mind-body connection and how to shape your experience of life. If you have struggled with your weight, emotional eating, anxiety, stress or motivation, this course will help you understand how to leave this behind and create a simpler way of realising the body, mind and life that you desire. This profound approach is more about 'unlearning' than it is about adding more tools, diets and regimes to your daily life. The tutor combines her knowledge of life transformation coaching, mindfulness and personal training to deepen your understanding of habitual behaviours and thought. This increased self-awareness and clarity has the power to create a foundational shift in every area of your life from confidence, relationships, health and ultimately weight loss.

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Course Notes

The focus of this course will be on understanding how the mind works and how we have a natural capacity for experience- thinking, feeling and perceiving - that all humans are born with. This innate capacity generates our experience of life moment to moment. This simple approach teaches a new paradigm in psychology that helps de-clutter and quieten your mind, tapping into your innate capacity for wellbeing. This profound and new approach to weight loss helps people see the connection between how you use your mind and behaviours towards food and exercise.

The course will be a mix of teaching and practical exercises and will include you taking away some strategies on your way forward with what you want for your health and your life.

What will be covered:

Understanding thought and how we create our experiences

Freeing yourself from Emotional Eating

How we create limitations including how we sabotage ourselves

Make exercise and nutrition work for you

Understand habitual behaviour and how to achieve success without relying on willpower

Each day will begin with mindfulness and you will learn the basics around becoming more present and connected in your life, increasing your self -awareness.

Mindful Eating

Get more choice and freedom in your life

Understanding how motivation really works

Understanding stress in your life and where it comes from.

Learn how to immediately overcome any obstacle you face

Fun, support, energy and inspiration

Who can Benefit?

  • If you are sick and tired of settling for a life that is less than you want and you are ready to change what needs to be changed.
  • Are you living the lifestyle that you want to live or the one you are forced to live because of your circumstances?
  • Are you tired of being on diets and trying to discipline yourself to eat healthily and exercise?
  • Tired of beating yourself up about how you look and, afraid that if you don't beat yourself up you'll never get the body or the life you want

What you will need?

A pen and paper. Wear comfortable clothing as we may do some mindfulness exercises that involve movement, floor exercises or gentle walking. This will be dependent on the ability of the group.

Consider joining Margo in the afternoon for the Guided Mountain Bike Rides for Beginners to continue your learning in a more active way, exploring the Wiltshire countryside.

Course Tutor

Margo George

Margo George


About Margo

Margo is an experienced and fully qualified Life Transformation Coach, NLP Practitioner, Thought Field Therapist, and a teacher of Mindfulness for Stress and Health. She is also a Personal Trainer and has worked in the fitness and lifestyle Coaching industry since 2007. Margo has also trained as a Transformation Coach and Mentor with International best selling author, coach and consultant Jamie Smart.

Margo has worked with many clients in areas surrounding weight loss, health, career, relationships, mental health and stress. Adopting a holistic approach means focusing on the mind, body and spirit. This creates an outcome for her clients where they achieve the lifestyle they truly desire and an amazing sense of fulfilment. Margo's technique is to discover and accept her client's unique attributes, experiences and desires.

Working with Margo is fun, inspirational and it will motivate and guide you to achieve positive life changes.

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