An Introduction to Tai Chi Fan

245 TUTOR: Deborah Swift

An Introduction to the gentle and graceful art of the Tai Chi Fan, with exercises, a short sequence to learn, and a chance to find out more about the benefits for health and relaxation.

4 AM
AM course

Course Notes

In this course we will learn the graceful and gentle art of the Tai Chi Fan.

Tai Chi Fans will be provided.

We will cover -

·Warm-up exercises (Qigong) to loosen and stretch the joints.

·Breath work and co-ordinating it with tai chi movement.

·The language of the fan, including the history of the fan in tai chi, and its martial and performance roots.

·A short sequence of movements that flow together in a 'Form'.

·Handling exercises for the fan - how to open and close it, its percussive qualities, and the multiple ways it can be used.

The course is suitable for anyone who wants to try it. The fans are made of bamboo and are lightweight (and ideal in hot weather!). The emphasis will be on health and relaxation, gentle fitness and fun.

Course Tutor

Deborah Swift

About Deborah

Deborah Swift is a bestselling author who is passionate about the past. She has written sixteen historical novels so far ranging from the early 20th Century to The English Civil War. Deborah used to be a costume designer for the BBC, before becoming a writer. After taking a Masters Degree in Creative Writing, she now enjoys mentoring aspiring novelists through The History Quill organisation and has an award-winning historical fiction blog at her website www.deborahswift.comRecent books include The Poison Keeper, about the Renaissance poisoner Giulia Tofana, which was a winner of the Wishing Shelf Readers Award, and The Cipher Roomset in WW2.  Deborah has been teaching Tai Chi for over 30 years and is an advanced instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britian.

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